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A-Line Silhouette

The A Line is a universally figure-flattering silhouette. The A-Line wedding dress features a skirt that gradually begins to flare out from a fitted bodice, starting below the natural waist, and lightly skimming the hips, as it and extends to the hem, forming an "A" shape.
The A-Line has become somewhat synonymous with the Princess silhouette (not to be confused with the ball gown silhouette). The term "Princess" is used, because the style was popularized by the iconic actress, Grace Kelly, who later became Princess Grace of Monaco. (However, Princess is also used in reference to Princess Seams)

The Traditional A-Line

The traditional A-line wedding dress displays a close-fitting bodice, and a skirt that gently begins to flare away from the body, starting right below the natural waist. The traditional A-line is often made with slightly heavier fabric, which is more conducive to retaining the structure needed to make it a true A-line skirt.

A great example of the traditional A-line wedding dress silhouette is Mori Lee 4704:
Mori Lee 4704

Benefits of the A-Line Silhouette:

A-line dresses are a flattering style for almost all body shapes, making them a popular choice among brides. The A-Line Silhouette boasts many figure-flattering virtues, including:

  • Gives petite brides a taller appearance
  • Adds feminine curves to a straight figure
  • De-emphasizes wide waistlines
  • Hides a heavier bottom half

History of the A-Line Silhouette

The term A-line was coined by the famous French couture designer, Christian Dior, in 1955, when naming his Spring collection, which has now become known as the "Christian Dior New Look". The fashion term "A-line" described the new silhouette he created for this Spring-Summer Collection.
Dior's motivation behind creating the A-line skirt was to infuse femininity back into the post-World War II lives of ladies everywhere. The purpose of Dior's New Look was to emphasize the bosom, a narrow waist, and full hips. Typically, an A-line dress has a fitted bodice, with a skirt widening out from the body, starting right below the natural waist. The A-line skirt skims the hips and widens at the bottom, with little to no shaping or seaming at the waist.

Variations of the A-Line
The following are a few ways in which the A-line dress has been interpreted differently throughout the years:

The Modified A-Line (or Slim A-Line)
A modified A-line wedding dress is a modernized version of the traditional A-line gown. The skirts of modified A-line dresses fit slightly closer to the body than traditional A-line skirts.

Maggie Sottero SD5220 is a beautiful example of a wedding gown with a modified A-line silhouette.
Maggie Sottero SD5220 Bridal Gown
Maggie Sottero SD5220

The Full A-Line
The full A-line features a skirt with more volume than that of a traditional A-line, but with slightly less volume than the skirt of a dress with a ball gown silhouette. This variation of the A-line creates a more dramatic look than the traditional A-line gown, and gives the feeling of a princess fairytale wedding gown, without the large extent of fullness displayed in a full ball gown skirt, making it more flattering to a more petite frame.

A stunning example of a full A-line wedding dress is Mori Lee 2913:
Mori Lee Bridal Gown 2913

Other Variations of the A-Line Silhouette
As with any other wedding dress silhouette, the A-Line does not have any hard-and-fast rules and regulations, so the silhouette may be varied in any way the designer sees fit. For example, pick-ups may be added to the skirt of an A-line wedding dress, creating added drama, volume, and giving a little extra oomph to the basic silhouette of an A-line wedding dress.
Maggie Sottero Ambrosia illustrates a perfect example of an A-Line bridal gown with pick-ups in the skirt:
Maggie Sottero AmbrosiaMaggie Sottero Ambrosia
Maggie Sottero Ambrosia Bridal Gown

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