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Penny & Pine Wedding Skincare Stress Less Relaxation Kit

Penny & Pine Wedding Skincare Stress Less Relaxation Kit:

This is the perfect kit for an at-home spa day with your friends! Penny and Pine's Stress Less Relaxation Kit is the ideal way for you to unwind after a long day. Included in the kit are three of Penny and Pine's favorite soothing treatments combined in one kit. This ultimate spa treatment will soothe and destress as it cleans and refreshes.
The Stress Less Relaxation Kit includes: 
Peppermint Exfoliating Cleanser- This exfoliator strengthens the skin by using vitamins and minerals, and the cooling peppermint aroma leaves you feeling energized and refreshed.
Soothing Eye Cream-  Give your fragile under eye skin some gentle restoration. The perfect way to refresh your skin with with the cucumber extract infused in this eye cream.
20-Minute Rescue Mask-  Kiss those clogged pores goodbye by using this therapeutic clay-based mask that will also remove excess oils from your skin.
This three piece skincare kit will leave you feeling stress free and relaxed.  It is perfect for all skin-types!
The total retail value of this kit is $84 

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