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Ivy Lane Bridal Garter A91351 / Genevieve Collection


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Ivy Lane Bridal Garter A91351 / Genevieve Collection:

Ivy Lane A91351 is a stunning looking wedding garter with a beautiful, traditional look that is reminiscent of classic designs. You will love the way this item will make your entire wedding day feel more special.

Ivy Lane A91351 may be something that looks old but it is definitely something beautiful also. Highlights of this design include a pair of two garters with extensive detailing consisting of feathers, rhinestones, lace, pearls, and some ruffling. Also included is a layered satin flower. A interesting twist is the ability to add a three letter monogram. This is a great style to include with your very beautiful gown.

Features of this beautiful wedding garter include:

  • Pair of two garters 
  • Detailing is feathers, rhinestones, lace, pearls, and ruffles 
  • Satin flower 
  • Add a three letter monogram 
  • Choice of thread colors for the monograms 

Ivy Lane is a wonderful designer of innovative accessories for wedding dresses as well as other parts of the ceremony. No matter what type of ceremony you are planning, they have a style that is made just for you.

You will especially appreciate the quality of the fabric, the way it is constructed, and the design itself. When the time comes to get married, you will be glad you have chosen you wedding dress accessories from this designer.

Are you having a formal or informal ceremony? In either case, the Wedding Shoppe can help with all of your fashion choices. We have a wonderful selection of designs for different types of ceremonies. Let us help find the style that is made just for you.

Since 1977, the Wedding Shoppe has been helping future brides with their fashion choices and questions. Because of our years of experience and our knowledge of fashion trends, we know that we can assist you as well.

Ivy Rose A91351 has a special charm and beauty that you will love. With its great layered look and elegant fabric choices, you will not need to look at other wedding dress accessories. This design will just perfect. You can order this style today at the Wedding Shoppe.

Fabric: Lace     
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