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Cathy's Concepts Unity Candle PS3917 / Unity Sand Ceremony Box Set


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Cathy's Concepts Unity Candle PS3917 / Unity Sand Ceremony Box Set:

Cathy's Concepts PS3917 represents a wedding ceremony concept that is becoming more popular. If you want a wedding accessory that is unique and captures your guests attention then this item is exactly what you are searching for.

Become part of a new trend in wedding traditions! Cathy's Concepts PS3917 puts you front and center ahead of many other couples. This elegant item comes in a large box and includes a choice of black or white colors. Also included is a custom engraved glass insert along with two pouring vases. Engraving in this item consists of a large single script initial, your first two names, and the numeric date of the ceremony. This unity sand ceremony box set will dazzle everyone in the room and will be a great keepsake afterward.

Features of this beautiful wedding accessory including:

  • Available in either black or white colors 
  • Large box 
  • Custom engraved glass insert 
  • Two pouring vases 
  • Engraving consists of a single script initial, two first names, and the numeric date of the ceremony 
  • Sand not included

Cathy's Concepts is one of the wedding industries premier designers of accessories for wedding and receptions. When you want an innovative, trend-setting product then this company is exactly what you are searching for.

Always beautiful and stylish, the items in this line represent the best in the industry and will definitely make your ceremony more elegant and memorable. Your search is over for a beautiful unity sand ceremony accessory because this designer has what you are searching for.

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Cathy's Concepts PS3917 is a great item for anyone planning on having a unity sand ceremony in their wedding. You will love the wonderful elegance of this design and the wonderful way it will make the entire celebration more memorable. You can order this item today at the Wedding Shoppe.

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