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Allure Belts and Sashes S50

Fabric: Beaded
This product is only available in the US.
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Allure Belts and Sashes S50:

Find the perfect affordable bridal belts and sashes from Allure, online at Wedding Shoppe Inc. Allure Sash 50 is the perfect showcasing of  elegance and glamour to add to your bridal look.

Allure Sash 50 is a fantastic bridal belt, hand-crafted from stunning beading and crystals that when added to a bridal gown, creates stunning detail and a fashion forward style.

Make your bridal look memorable with Allure Sash 50, from the Fall 2012 Allure collection.

Browse all of the latest affordable bridal belts and sashes from Allure, available online now at Wedding Shoppe Inc.  

Fabric: Beaded      
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