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Allure Belts and Sashes S33


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Allure Belts and Sashes S33:

The Allure S33 beaded bridal belt can be both your “something old” and “something new:” the style is timeless and full of old-world charm, while the quality and modern design ensure this belt will be flattering and the perfect complement to your wedding gown. Who knows, it might actually become the “something old” for the future generations in your family!
You may be questioning whether you actually need or want to pair a belt with your dress. Is it really necessary? Obviously, the choice is yours, but having that little extra something can really pull your entire look together. Crystal and pearl beading create an intricate design, featuring delicate swirls and chevrons, all leading towards the center medallion. The scalloped edge created by the beading is elegant and soft.
Since the design is so classic and refined, this sash will truly complement a multitude of different dress styles. From A-line, fit-and-flare, silhouette, to even mermaid, your figure will be highlighted, and the perfect touch of sparkle and shine will be added to your bridal look!
  • Crystal and pearl beading
  • Scalloped edge with center medallion
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes

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