Allure Bridesmaids 1476


Product details

Finely textured and subtly striped, the light, delicate fabric of Allure 1476 gives this floor-length bridesmaid gown a soft glow associated with vintage photographs and family celebrations rosily remembered for generations – and the flattering fit, with its gently wrapped crossover bodice and long gathered skirt, is just as timeless.  A just-right choice for setting varied figures and complexions in the best light, this lovely bridesmaid dress comes in six colors of sparkle knit which are muted and made glamorous by their metallic weave.  The resulting look is just as unforgettable with flashing vintage rhinestones as with modern metallic accessories, with stately minimalist or neo-classical aesthetics that pare away unnecessary elements as with the lavishly detailed traditional accents for a ceremony where every family custom and desirable detail is indulged.  A versatile choice in terms of both look and fit, Allure 1476 also offers multisensory appeal; the light directional gather created by the metallic weave seems touchable, giving a tactile softness to your wedding party photos and lending the wearer a self-possessed grace that shows when she walks down the aisle.  Petite bridesmaids and curvaceous ones look equally elegant in this supple combination of diagonal wraps and lovely vertical cascades.  The delicately textured fabric and understated vintage inspirations are universally memorable – and an uncomplicated pleasure to wear.
The following sumptuous details infuse wonder into the simplicity of Allure 1476:
  • V-neckline
  • Pleated shoulder straps
  • Textured crossover bodice
  • A-line silhouette
  • Pointed back bodice
  • Shimmer knit fabric
  • Floor-length gathered skirt

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