Beautiful Tunes for a Beautiful Life: Finding Your Wedding First Dance Song

There are many wedding traditions that most brides find important to be upheld. One of those traditions that may stick out to you while planning your wedding is your first dance as husband and wife. You will probably spend a lot of time sifting through a list of bride and groom first dance.

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First dance song selection: reflect on your relationship and find the perfect song.

When choosing your first dance song, you will want it to be something that is meaningful to both you and your groom, and that reflects your unique relationship. Traditionally bride and groom first dance songs are slow and romantic. A great way to narrow down your options of music is to sit down with your fiancé and make a list of songs you love, and that have made an impact on you during your relationship. Whatever you pick, it should be a song you both love now, and will continue to for years to come.

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Choose the best version of your wedding first dance song.

Most songs have several different versions, or are even sung by several different artists. After deciding on your first dance song, browse through various versions and pick your favorite. Be sure to write down which version and who the artist so you are prepared when you create your entire wedding day playlist.

 bride and groom first dance songsPhotography by - A. Whitmore Photography

Make sure your wedding first dance is a special and memorable moment.

Your wedding first dance is a very rare and intimate moment during your wedding reception when you and your new husband can be wrapped in each other’s arms. This will probably be one of your most special memories. If you are nervous about the dance, you could even practice at home, or just remember to focus on each other and the people surrounding you whose hearts are filled with love and happiness.

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