Your Engagement Party Guide: Wedding Planning Made Simple.

Congratulations on your recent engagement! Planning your wedding and celebrating your engagement will be some of the greatest moments of your life.  My Wedding Chat and Wedding Shoppe Inc. are here to guide you along the way and help make your wedding planning completely stress-free. So, first things first.  Let’s celebrate your engagement!

Engagement Party Guide: 5  Steps to a Hassle-Free Party.

1) Picking an Engagement Party Date

Engagement parties typically land a month or two after the engagement.  However, if your engagement is longer than usual, you may want to wait a few more months.  Just keep in mind that your engagement party date should be closer to your date of engagement than to your wedding ceremony.  Typically, the party falls on a weekend.

2) Creating an Engagement Party Guest List

There are no norms for the size of the guest list – this part is completely up to your preferences and styles.  We have seen guest lists that include only close friends, only family, or a combination of both.  Keep in mind that anyone on the list should also be invited to the wedding.   If you are imaging an intimate party but just have far too many guests, you may want to consider having two or three different engagement parties; One engagement party with the bride’s family, another party with the groom’s family, and a third engagement party with the couple’s friends.

3) Engagement Party Invitations

Your invitations should reflect you and your party style.  If you’re having a formal event, then formal invitations would work well.  On the other hand, sending creative invitations via e-mail, video, or photos are a tad more casual and very trendy right now.  Your  invitate wording should also reflect the two of you as a couple.  Don’t be afraid to get creative.  Wedding Shoppe, Inc. has engagement party invitations available online.

4) Engagement Party Activities

There are many games to play and things to do at your engagement party, it all depends on the style!  Keep in mind that these parties are held in celebration of the couple’s devotion to each other.  Games can include trivia, yard games, drinking games, or dances.  Whatever your engagement party activities are, it’s always fun to celebrate!  Of course, you should always be ready for toasts and party speeches.

5) Engagement Party Themes

There are so many themes – you can do pretty much anything!  Your engagement party themes can vary from a backyard party to a formal country club dinner.  Looking for creative engagement party themes?  Celebrate with an Up, Up, and Away theme in a large hot-air balloon.  I have heard of couples inviting their closest family and friends for a sky high ride in celebration of their engagement.  If you’re young & fun, hit up a 70’s Roller Arena for a Rollin’ in Love engagement party theme.  Other engagement party themes could include a weekend at a resort, a cocktail hour at your favorite restaurant, or an intimate picnic at the park.  Whatever your engagement party theme is, just have fun with it! Good luck with your wedding planning; Remember to have fun with it! ~Laura Lou

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