Winter Wedding Wednesday – Week 5 (Featuring Alfred Sung)

It’s our last week of Winter Wedding Wednesday, and I have saved my favorite designer and colors for last! If I were to have a winter wedding I would want it to be textured, warm, and all things vintage. (I may have a vintage faux-fur stole waiting anxiously in an old hat box… maybe.) We have talked about having red, pale pink, purple, blue, and green as your winter wedding colors, but we haven’t talked about all things icy for your winter wonderland. I’m going to show you my swoon-worthy color palette with some Alfred Sung bridesmaid dresses today.

Order Alfred Sung bridesmaid dresses online

Brrr. It’s cold in here! Winter vintage wedding ideas.

When trying to make modern elements feel vintage, it all comes down to the material. Let me explain: if you look back at the 40s, 50s, and 60s, the dresses were made of sturdy material that would hold its body and maintain shape. These classic looks are all about structure. Alfred Sung bridesmaid dresses are offered in several textured and structured materials. My favorite is dupioni. It’s soft to the touch, holds flawless form, and has a gentle, vintage sheen. Find your favorite at the Wedding Shoppe!>>

Order Alfred Sung bridesmaid dresses online

Since your wedding is going to be during the chilly winter months, I’m showing you floor-length dresses. Keep in mind, each of these Alfred Sung bridesmaid dresses are available in tea-length well. It’s actually really easy to order Alfred Sung bridesmaid dresses online, but we’ll talk more about that in a minute. Back to fabrics and winter wedding colors!

You’re cold as ice: winter wedding colors.

Here’s how I envision your winter wedding: pale blues, steely gray, twinkle lights, sparkly accents, and white everywhere. Alfred Sung has some of my favorite colors for a winter wedding: Atlantis, Black and Dove. These colors in dupioni fabrics are multifaceted and have loads of vintage flare.
 order alfred sung bridesmaid dresses online  Order Alfred Sung bridesmaid dresses online

Order Alfred Sung bridesmaid dresses online!

Alfred Sung is one of our top designers here at the Shoppe and for good reason! Not only are the dresses stylish, flattering, and cost-effective, but they are so easy to order! You can order Alfred Sung bridesmaid dresses online from the Wedding Shoppe and have them shipped straight to you. Once you decide on your colors, get your ‘maids measured and submit your order quickly and easily. They’ll show up on your doorstep in about 10 weeks! It’s sad to say goodbye to Winter Wedding Wednesday. If you’re busy planning your winter nuptials, let us know on Facebook, or even better, upload a picture on Instagram and tag @weddingshoppeinc (don’t forget to follow us!).

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