Say Yes to the Wedding Veil {Featured Bride, Alaura K.}

Say Yes to the Wedding Veil {Featured Bride, Alaura K.}
Featured Bride, Alaura K. Wedding Location: University of St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel | Wedding Date: September 8, 2012 With so many wedding veil designs to choose from, making a final decision can be overwhelming. From bridal veil lengths to colors and embellishments, the options are endless! Read ahead as Featured Bride Alaura K. offers advice on how to find the perfect wedding veil.

Choose the perfect wedding veil with Featured Bride, Alaura K.

Featured bride advice: Bridal veils don’t have to be overwhelming.

I really wanted my wedding veil to be my “something borrowed,” but, once I saw my limited choices, I thought differently. I am the first out of my friends to get married, and I really wanted to find a wedding veil that would not only be perfect for my big day, but could also be the “something borrowed” in a close friend’s big day (someday). This was my challenge. Since I found the most amazing, perfect, unique dress at The Wedding Shoppe, I had high expectations for my veil. But I didn’t realize how many different types of bridal veils existed.

Wedding veil designs: The sky’s the limit!

Wedding veils come in different lengths: shoulder, elbow, waist, mid-hip, hip, fingertip, waltz, ankle, chapel, and cathedral length. There are different styles of wedding veils: beaded, lace, jewels, or flowers, with different embellishments in varying positions on the veil. Your extras could be on the whole veil, just on the top or bottom of the veil, or on the edges of the veil. The comb on the bridal veil also has options: plastic, wire, or even Velcro. The comb can also include extra style features such as a crown, flowers, feathers, beading, jewels, or lace. Then there’s the color. Wedding veils come in just as many colors as the dress, but the hard part is matching the color, especially if the veil and your dress are from different designers (which they usually are). Lastly is the option to have a blusher.

Help me find the perfect bridal veil!

With all these options to chose from I was overwhelmed, yet excited. I tried on a dozen veils before I found “the one.” Luckily, Jodie at The Wedding Shoppe recommended I try on this veil. I immediately fell in love with the veil. It fit my dress style and personality perfectly. That’s something I really appreciate about The Wedding Shoppe’s employees. They get to know you on the “next” level. They knew my personality, style, story, family, and what I was looking for…even if I didn’t know what that was.

The veil I said “yes” to is an elbow length veil in a candlelight color. It has sparkly beads around the edges, a wire comb, and a blusher. I found my perfect bridal veil and I can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day, I also can’t wait to share it!

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