Quiet Elegance with Sara Gabriel Wedding Veil Styles

To veil or not to veil, that is the question. With all the wedding veil styles available it is really hard to decide what to wear on your wedding day. Two of our most popular styles are Mantilla wedding veils and birdcage veils. What I love about these two styles is not only how elegant they are, but how each one is unique and different.

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What is the difference between these wedding veil styles?

The two veil styles I want to talk about today are wedding birdcage veils and Mantilla wedding veils. Birdcage veils are pinned into your hair-do, slightly cover your eyes, and are usually of a wide mesh material, much like that of a birdcage. You’ve probably seen them in old family wedding photos or at vintage style weddings. Mantilla wedding veils are the direct opposite. These veils are usually floor or cathedral length with lace detail around the outside. They flow over the crown of the head and have a smooth appearance. We've got plenty of styles to choose from. Shop now!>>

Mantilla wedding veils are all about stunning details.

If you love lace wedding dresses then you will fall for the Mantilla veil. Most popular in traditional Spanish weddings, the sleek cut and detailed lace designs add visual interest to any bridal gown. Sara Gabriel has some of these stunning veils at affordable prices both in-store and online here at the Shoppe. Even if your wedding dress is simple, that doesn't mean your veil has to be.
Mantilla Veil by Sara Gabriel Mantilla Veil by Sara Gabriel

Trendy and vintage: Wedding Birdcage veils.

Wedding birdcage veils are my favorite type of veil. They allow the bride to wear a traditional veil but not be weighed down by extra material and layers. They also have a certain aura of vintage sassiness, which I love. Wedding birdcage veils by Sara Gabriel are some of our top sellers here at the Shoppe, and for good reason. They are versatile, affordable, and eye-catching. They also complement almost any wedding gown style and hairstyle.
Bridcage Veil Collette by Sara Gabriel Birdcage veil Astyn by Sara Gabriel
If you are stuck in a battle of wills between a traditional veil and no veil at all, take some time to consider different wedding veil styles. If you are still bewildered, don’t be afraid to ask one of our personal shoppers. They are here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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