Wedding Superstitions: Rainy Wedding Days

Wedding Superstitions: Rainy Wedding Days
Many brides, especially those having outdoor weddings, live in fear that rainy weather will unexpectedly move in on their big day. Your friends and family might offer this consolation as you are about to walk down the aisle under an umbrella: “Rain on your wedding day is good luck!” Is there any truth to wedding superstitions such as this one? Whether it’s lucky or not, how can you make the best of a rainy wedding?

rainy wedding days

Photo by A. Whitmore Photography

Some wedding superstitions have good reason behind them.

Many wedding superstitions regarding good luck on your wedding day originate from a variety of traditions and cultures. There are several reasons why people consider rain to be good luck on your wedding day, but it is consistently viewed as positive all over the world. Rain brings life to crops and is therefore often seen as a blessing. It is also said that when it rains while you ‘tie the knot,’ your bond will be especially strong. This symbolism comes from the difficulty of untying a wet knot.

Plan outdoor weddings for summer to avoid bad weather.

It is no coincidence that “wedding season” is during the summer months. In many regions, this time of the year has the least percentage of precipitation. If wedding superstitions are not something you are into, or you would just prefer sunny skies for your big day, plan your wedding for a dry period of the year (depending on your area). This will decrease your chances of having a rainy wedding. If you want to eliminate the chance of a rain, consider opting for snow! Winter outdoor weddings are beautiful and unique (read more about planning a winter wedding).
 Rainy Wedding Photo Op  Embrace Rain at Outdoor Weddings

 Photography by Studio Laguna (left) & Lola Mae Photography (right)

Embrace a rainy wedding by making the best of it.

You could schedule your wedding for a day when the town hasn’t seen rain in 15 years and you would still have a chance of precipitation. The best thing to do when wedding planning is to relax and try not to worry too much about the weather. All outdoor weddings should have a plan B in case it storms, of course. However, if it rains just a little, grab umbrellas and take advantage of a fun photo opportunity!

Do you think a rainy wedding is good luck? Share your thoughts below!

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Mya Murphy
June 16, 2020 15:51

I think rain is beautiful..a sign of growth..and something I am looking for in my marriage.

May 16, 2019 07:29

“Whether it’s lucky or not, how can you make the best of a rainy wedding?” #weddingsuperstitions #weddingchat

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