Wedding Ceremony Decorations and Wedding Reception Decorations {Featured Bride, Alaura K.}

Wedding Ceremony Decorations and Wedding Reception Decorations {Featured Bride, Alaura K.}
Featured Bride, Alaura K. Wedding Location: Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas | Wedding Date: September 8, 2012 We’ve spent the last month or so coming up with wedding decorations and ideas for our September wedding. We’ve had the help of an amazing florist, Sweet Peas Floral in Woodbury. Our wedding theme is “enchanted candlelit gardens,” and we really want to express that through the wedding ceremony decorations and wedding reception decorations. The florist has a creative mind that has brought our ideas to life.

Wedding ceremony decorations tips: Reuse and recycle.

Wedding decorations and ideas

Wedding decorations tips and ideas:

First, don’t leave any room out. During a wedding, guests are in and out of many rooms, including the bathroom and the hallways, so don’t forget to add décor to those rooms (budget permitting). Our wedding has multiple rooms to decorate including the church, cocktail hour, dinner ballroom, dance ballroom, and the gift room the morning after. Tip number two is to reuse decorations as much as possible.  Our florists were more than accommodating with this recommendation. We are reusing our cocktail hour floating flower pieces in our dance ballroom by just adding a blinking light under the simple rose to jazz it up. We also are using all of the bridesmaids’ bouquets as head table centerpieces, and using the flower girls’ flowers as flower petals on the cake table. Finally, we are re-using the candelabras that will be in the church the following morning when we open gifts with family. The last tip is to be open-minded; flowers aren’t the only decoration used for weddings. I realize that sounds unusual, but the wedding industry focuses on flowers so much and leaves out all the other details. Our wedding focuses a lot on these little details, such as candles, jewels, glitter, paper, and even board game pieces. More of Alaura's posts: Flower Girl Accessories and Ring Bearer Alternative Ideas Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses is Easy at The Wedding Shoppe St. Paul! Say Yes to the Wedding Veil

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