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November 15, 2010 Featured Bride Nikki S., Wedding Location: Minnetonka, MN | Wedding Date: April 9, 2011

Update on our Spring Wedding Plans.

To get you all up to speed this is where we are at in planning our April 9th, 2011 nuptials:


1. We sat down with my parents and talked wedding budget.  I had gone into this convo thinking it was going to be hard and completely ok with scaling EVERYTHING down to really simple.  That just wasn’t the case.  My parents wanted something completely different and I was blessed to find we had a generous wedding budget to work with.  We made a game plan for spending and with the help of we were able to create a wedding budget as well as rough estimate for our guest list.  This is a huge factor in planning everything and will determine so much of your budget.  It’s also for you to sit down with your fiancé and determine what’s important to you both.  This will help you figure out where to spend the money.


2. The first thing I found was a wedding dress.  Ha, probably the most fun thing to find too.  The first place I looked, I won’t say a name, but it was awful.  It was frustrating, the selection was poor and the only good thing I had going was the friend I brought.  I then booked an appointment at the Wedding Shoppe and what a difference.  I found the wedding dress and purchased it the day I went in.

Reception location.

3. We then started looking at places.  We knew we wanted an engagement lasting around 6 months so that put us somewhere in April.  Thankfully, with the month we selected, finding openings was easy.  We just needed to find the right feel, size and price.  We are having a large wedding so finding a space that fits was key.  We looked at a ton of stuff and at points it was hard to find a large space that wasn’t super expensive, or too large.  We still want an intimate feel.  We settled on Rush Creek Golf Course in Maple Grove.  They offered us an amazing deal and the location is amazing!

Bridesmaid dresses.

4. I then took three of my bridesmaids dress shopping.  I wanted something very untraditional, and something they could for sure wear again.  I told them that if they found something they liked, and fit the color scheme I was thinking- we could go with it.  We settled on a very untraditional bridesmaids dress.  The bridesmaids dress is Navy blue with a black sash, fitting the description of the navy, apple green spring theme.  We may change the sash depending on the colors.


5. Our honeymoon was something Reid figured out right away.  My parents gave us their timeshare week and all we had to pay for was airfare and find an open location.  The place we settled on was Mazatlan Mexico.  We moved quickly on this because of the cheap airfare we found.


6. Wedding photography was a big deal for me and we found a guy I went to school with named Matt Lien.  He met with us and offered us a great deal and we were eager to book with him.  His work is beautiful and I love how he brings out color.  We just took our engagement pics and got them back two weeks later.  They are great and we can’t wait for him to do the wedding.  Check out his work at

Ceremony location.

7. The hardest part for us surprisingly was finding a place to have the wedding.  We know a guy who works for Campus Outreach (the ministry Reid and I are involved it) who lead Reid to Christ and who we wanted to officiate our ceremony.  With this, a lot of churches don’t allow you to bring in your own pastor.  Not to mention most places we looked at were either HUGE or didn’t accommodate just around 400.  We found a church just this last week called Parkers Lake Baptist.  It’s a cute little church near Plymouth, MN and they were willing to let us in.


8. We also looked at wedding tuxedos, which was a hoot ha.  It was fun to see Reid try everything on and play with different color ideas.  I think we are settling on simple black and white wedding tuxedos.


9. With a graphic design minor, I am working on doing my own wedding invitations and handouts.

What's left.

10.       Things we have yet to do and I would love your opinion on:
  • Wedding flowers- I want simple!  I also want affordable, I don’t see the point in spending a lot on something that is going to die.
  • Centerpieces- I want to make these and LOVE candle light.
  • Wedding favors- do we go with a photo booth for 600 or do personal wedding favors?
  • Flower girl dress
  • Grooms dinner
  • All the other little details :-)
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May 16, 2019 06:44


Tara Hanson
May 16, 2019 06:44

Hey Nikki! Love the article!

Flowers- I know a lot of people have made their own bouquets, this may be a cheap option for you if you are looking to do simple.

Centerpieces-I know people that have put a cake at each table as a centerpiece and the dessert! Otherwise you can do glass vases with floating candles and rose petals or submerged flowers

Wedding favors- It depends on how many guests you have, I think our favors were like 50-75 cents each.
A photobooth would be fun!

Flower girl dress- I know this may be pushing it, but since it will be around Easter time you guys could wait and have her buy one a month before?

All the other little details- cherish this time! It goes by too fast and is so fun!

May 16, 2019 06:44

hey sweet girl:

so the flower deal. i saw someone posted other ideas too. but thought i’d share what we did with our wedding. my mom had a friend who could order flowers at cost and had a few friends who had done bouquets before and they all had a night party and assembled all my flowers. it was a great deal (like crazy good), and also gave my mom’s friends and my friends an opportunity to help. everyone wants to help and so we tried to delegate to as many people as we could. they were absolutely gorgeous boquets, centerpieces, etc. for our ceremony we used fake tiger lillies and filler flowers for the chairs etc.
have fun! everything will fall into place perfectly.

May 16, 2019 06:44

Who are you considering using for your photobooth? That is a reasonable price. I would say that people will remember that far longer than they will a box of chocolates or a personal favor. I have friends who have their photo strips from weddings still posted on their fridges.

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