Wedding Myths, Superstitions, and Customs: So You Can Live Happily Ever After.

After all the hard work you put into planning your wedding, keep in mind these wedding myths, superstitions and customs for an extra touch of good luck with your new marriage.

Wedding myths, superstitions, and customs.

Wedding superstitions have developed with time, but most date far back on the timeline of marriage.  Beginning as wedding traditions, and growing into popular wedding customs, some of these wedding traditions are meaningful to the cultures they originate in.  Today, most of these wedding customs are known as wedding myths and superstitions for their lack of scientific evidence.  Whether you’re a believer or not, these wedding superstitions are still fun to learn of and follow – just in case!

Here is a list of wedding myths to consider on your big day!

  1. A bride should wear pearls on her wedding day. Pearls substitute the bride’s real tears, thus if a bride wears them on her wedding day, she will have a happy, tear-free marriage.
  2. Rain is good luck on a wedding day. Rain predicts the coming of children just as rain promotes growth in the farmer’s fields.
  3. A bride should not wear her entire bridal ensemble before her wedding date . This can tempt fate, along with signing her married name before the wedding day.
  4. It is good luck to drop the wedding ring during the ceremony. Thus, all of the evil spirits will be shaken out of it.
  5. A couple should exchange their vows when the clock’s minute hand is moving upward. The upward movement symbolizes a blessing upon the couple as the minute hand is ascending towards the heavens.
  6. Throwing rice on the couple will bestow them with fertility and many children. Rice is considered the “life giving” seed.
  7. Sharing the first piece of wedding cake creates a special bond. This wedding tradition roots in the Roman culture, who believe the wheat used to bake a wedding cake symbolized fertility and the sweetness of a cake would bring happiness to all aspects of the couples life.
  8. The ceremonial kiss represents the couple’s shared souls. With Roman roots, the ceremonial kiss sealed the couple’s commitment to each other.
  9. A bride must be carried over the threshold of the couple’s new home. The new home may posses evil spirits and the groom protects his bride by carrying her.
  10. Flowers must cover the aisle to prevent the bride’s feet from touching the floor where bad spirits may lurk. Hence the importance of flower girls.
Well there you have it! May your new marriage be blessed with happiness, fertility, ever-lasting love, and long healthy lives.  Congrats on your new life together!

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