Wedding Gift Registry Made Simple

We know completing your wedding gift registry is a daunting task, but worry no more. We're here to help with these wedding registry tips!

Wedding gift registry made simple.

What could be more exciting than registering for shiny, new things you need for your new home? Well, as much fun as it sounds, the actual task of completing your wedding registry can sometimes be the cause of stress and headaches for couples.  However, we want it to be a fun experience the two of you can share as a start to your new life together! So, avoid a day full of headaches and read on for some helpful wedding registry tips.


This is a task not to be done by the bride alone. Take your future hubby with you to ensure you both have a say in what you want in your home.  Regardless of your living situation before you get married, your wedding gift registry (and your home) should be a blend of both your tastes.


Many couples find the act of registering for wedding gifts leaves them feeling selfish, but we’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t feel that way at all.  No matter how you feel about receiving gifts for your wedding, you’re going to get them.  Your guests will actually appreciate knowing what sorts of items you need, want and will use, versus having to play the guessing game when looking for a gift.  Along those same lines, creating a wedding registry reduces the likelihood of receiving gifts you are never going to use or gifts that you already have.  Although we know it’s the thought that counts, we know your guests would rather give something that will be put to good use as you start your new life together. However, if you feel as though you would rather your guests didn’t give you a tangible gift, or if you feel that you’ve got all you need to make your house a home, there are other ways to get around this wedding tradition.  You could register for your honeymoon or for activities to do on your honeymoon through some online honeymoon registry sites.  So instead of giving a gravy boat, one of your guests could give you a couples massage, or put a monetary amount towards your hotel room rate.  Some of these sites include Honeyluna and The Honeymoon, among others. Another way to reduce the amount of ‘things’ you get, you could ask that guests donate to a charity of your choosing in honor of your wedding.  This is definitely a gift that keeps on giving.


Figuring out what to register for is a daunting task for many couples.  Should I register for fine china or stick with everyday china? How many items should we put on our registry? What’s an appropriate price range? Are we supposed to register for electronics? The list goes on and on. Most of these questions will indefinitely come up throughout the registry process, so it’s best to gather the most information you can before you go.  One of the best ways to figure out what you need is to take an inventory of the items you already have, and then decide what items you still need or what you want to replace.  Knowing before you go what to look for will save on time and will possibly prevent a mini-meltdown at the store. You should register according to your lifestyle and choose items that agree with it.  If you plan on doing a lot of entertaining at your home, a wedding registry of china, housewares and kitchen gadgets is appropriate.  If you both enjoy being outdoors and plan on making camping trips a part of your lifestyle, a wedding registry that includes hiking and camping gear is fitting.  Chances are, your guests will appreciate the variety you present to them by incorporating both of your tastes and interests in your registry.  There are some unexpected items you can (and should) include on your wedding gift registry, such as luggage, a barbeque grill, digital camera, board games, a vacuum, home décor and kitchen gadgets.  Many of these items will be very useful for you as a couple but are not always remembered during the wedding registry process. Another thing your guests will appreciate about your registry is having items at all price points.  Including items at a lower cost and even some at a higher cost will ensure that no matter what your guests’ budgets are, there will be many options for them.  Again, keep your items and your needs in perspective—registering for that brand new 3-D television to replace the brand new HD TV you already have probably isn’t necessary, so make sure you’re keeping your lifestyle and your guests in mind when choosing items.  The amount of items you register for should be catered to the amount of guests you’re inviting as well.  Make sure you have enough items on your registry for all of your guests to avoid the problem of receiving duplicate gifts.


A general rule of thumb regarding where to register is no more than three places.  We recommend choosing a traditional home and/or department store with a strong online presence and one or two specialty merchants.  Do your research before you choose which stores you are going to visit.  Be mindful of the location of your guests and ask about the incentive programs that the stores offer for registering with them.  Many stores will offer completion programs to purchase the items on your registry you didn’t receive as a gift, extra discounts, and special VIP shopping nights.  One major thing to look for in a store is their return and exchange policy.  Even though you're registering, some guests may forget to tell the retailer whose wedding they are purchasing the gift for and you may end up with a duplicate.  Registering at a store with flexible return and exchange policies will make your life easier after the wedding.  Another thing to look for in a store is an online registry tracker.  This allows you to monitor your registry list and adjust it according to what people have purchased in the event that you need to add more items to your list.  Some of the major stores offering wonderful wedding registry programs include Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Herberger’s (Bon Ton stores), Crate & Barrel, Bloomingdale’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Pottery Barn.  There are many others along with smaller specialty boutiques, so be sure to do a local search of all the options you have.


Contrary to popular belief, your wedding gift registry should be completed fairly early on in the wedding planning process.  Due to the many parties and showers that are going to be thrown in your honor, it is beneficial for you and your guests to have a solid list to go by for gift-giving purposes.  Registering for your wedding can be a long process so allow plenty of time to get it done.  It doesn’t have to be done in one day, but the earlier you start, the better. Whew! Who knew there was so much to learn about wedding registries!?! Despite what may be said about them, they are helpful tools for both you and your wedding guests to help determine what you will need as you venture into the world as husband and wife.  As with any daunting task, starting out early and gathering as much information as possible is so beneficial, and will cause less headaches as you stand there with the barcode gun.  Make it a fun day with your fiancé and decide to tackle this task hand-in-hand.  After all, this is the start of your new life together.


Do you have any advice about wedding registries that you would like to share with future brides and couples? Or, are you a future bride with questions about wedding registries? Sound off in our comments if you’ve been there or if you need some advice! Wedding Shoppe Inc. wants to help you with all of your wedding questions; we’re proud to be your “One Stop Wedding Shoppe!” Other Posts You'll Love: Unique Wedding Guestbook Ideas 10 Wedding Planning Mistakes: Avoid them Wedding Planning Consultant Advice Now How to Get Your Groom Invovled
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Libby M
June 29, 2020 19:28

These are good guidelines. I find many registries nowadays have a lot of really expensive items on their list. I really like that wedding websites allow for contributions. Not that I’ll many if any bigger ticket items on our list.

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