Wedding Gift Giving Etiquette

Are you ready to buy a present but are wondering about wedding gift giving guidelines?

Wedding gift giving etiquette.

You might be getting conflicting advice about when you should buy a wedding present and when you shouldn’t. Some gift giving etiquette guides state that if you’re invited to a wedding, you’re required to buy a gift, even if you don’t plan to attend the ceremony or reception. Others say that isn’t true. At My Wedding Chat, we say that common sense should prevail. If you’re attending a wedding and/or reception, it’s customary and thoughtful to give a gift. If you can’t attend, but are close to the couple, it makes sense to want to help them celebrate their special day by providing them with a present they would treasure.

Choosing traditional wedding gifts or more contemporary presents:

Use what you know about the bride and/or groom as a guide. As part of their wedding planning, most couples list gift preferences by registering at stores and some may create a wedding gift website for additional guidance. You are not bound by what’s on those lists, but if the couple requests traditional wedding gifts, such as crystal and china, then it makes sense to buy something traditional. If they ask for snowboarding equipment, that tells you something else entirely! Go for something that suits their taste. If you know that the couple is buying a house, cash might be the best gift.  If the couple lists a big ticket item, consider going in with friends and family members to purchase it.

The toughest question of all: How much money should I spend?

Some guides suggest spending $25-50 if you’re not attending the wedding and $50-100 if you are attending. Again, let common sense be your guide. If you’re close to the couple, it makes sense to spend more than if you aren’t. If you are traveling a significant distance to attend the wedding, it’s understandable if you spend less on the gift. Use your personal circumstances and your relationship with the couple to make this decision.

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