Featured Bride, Lauren W.: Wedding Flowers – DIY?

Featured Bride, Lauren W. | Wedding Location: Wayzata, MN | Wedding Date: October 8, 2011 Just when you thought there were more do-it- yourself options than you could count, I have another for you! Who would have thought that you can play bride, designer, seamstress, DJ and now florist at your own wedding? Well, you can!

Wedding flowers DIY.

On average, a wedding bouquet (just the bride's) will cost you between $125-$160. Why not build your own for a fraction of the price? I recently stumbled upon a great website, Blooms by the Box, that offers to ship flowers the day of/day before your event, and even in “Wedding Packs” at wholesale prices. This is also a great option for those brides who are having a florist do their wedding, but will be designing their groom’s dinner or wedding shower décor themselves. The site offers great advice and lots of choices for wholesale flowers.

My tip:

One note: beware when ordering hydrangeas (they can come in ALL sorts of colors and may wilt quickly!) and calla lillies (they can come in green depending upon their freshness/maturity). Saving money is a big deal for most brides and grooms and this is just another way to do so! Have fun browsing! Cheers! LC Other Posts You’ll Love: Picking Your Wedding Flowers… 411 on the Wedding Florist Visual Aspects to Consider when Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

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