Work It Out for the Wedding with a Bridal Workout! {Featured Bride, Kendra S.}

Wedding Location: Dakota Lodge, West Saint Paul, MN | Wedding Date: June 2013 Fitness has always been an important aspect of my life. I strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle, both through exercise and the food that I eat. Now, I am not saying that I do not indulge in ice cream or junk food every now and then (I am human, after all!), but I make an effort to stay healthy. With some extra motivation now that the wedding is less than six months away (eeek!), I am working out five to six days a week. Not only can I tell that I am getting more toned, but I feel great. Everyone has their personal limits, but for me, this is what works. The difficult part for most people, including myself, is maintaining that drive.

Bridal workout tips from Featured Bride, Kendra!Featured Bride, Kendra, and her groom, Antonio.

Get geared up with Kendra’s bridal workout tips!

Find your motivation! I want to work out not only for the wedding, but for my future and overall satisfaction. There are always days that I just do not feel like working out, but a majority of the time, I try to find motivation. No matter how tired I am when I start my workout, I usually end up rejuvenated and ready to start my day. Put down the chocolate! This is a tough one for me. Chocolate is one of my guilty pleasures. If you do not eat chocolate, find whatever it is that is not helping you get in shape for the big day. Chocolate, in moderation, is okay. Over-indulging on a regular basis is not. Moderation, ladies and gents!

How to be successful with your bridal workout

Establish a routine! I have found that working out bright and early in the morning is what is best for me. If I have a set routine, it is much easier to stick to. Whether you are a morning or night person, do what works best for you! Do what you enjoy! Find a form of wedding fitness that you actually look forward to. Is running not your thing? That does not mean you cannot work out. Pilates, yoga, power-walking, kickboxing, and so many other forms of exercise can help you get in shape. I have found resources like Blogilates to be a great way for me to work out. Cassey provides monthly workout calendars along with videos, perfect for a girl like me who is looking for a workout routine to do in my own home.

Wedding fitness won’t be a chore with these tips!

Now, I am no fitness expert—these are just a few tips that I have found helpful in getting ready for my big day. Everyone is different, and some things may work for me and not for you or vice versa. Good luck!

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May 16, 2019 07:07

Sound advice Kendra! We do enjoy our “handful of chocolate chips,” don’t we? Smile!

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