Wedding Etiquette vs. My Reality {Featured Bride, Sara F.}

Featured Bride Sara F., Wedding Location: Minneapolis, MN  |  Wedding Date: June, 25, 2011

Etiquette vs. My Reality.

Functional. My style and take on life is pretty laid back. Ironically I am learning that a wedding and all of its glory can rack up many not so ‘functional/necessary’ details. For this reason – lack of functionality – I am finding it hard to start my wedding planning. Do I get a dress first? Location? Bridal Party? Food? Invitations?

These questions lead to more questions:

Where am I going to get my dress? Where do people get marred in the Twin Cities? How do I ask one friend to be in my bridal party and not the other? Do I really have to have a sit down dinner? How many people are we inviting to this thing?!? Thankfully, I have reality TV, wedding magazines and the all knowing Internet to guide me. Well, kind of.

Use your entertainment resources.

After hours upon hours of scouring the web, watching way too much TLC to admit ( The Learning Channel’s popular TV show…Say Yes to the Dress…Four Weddings…Who’s Wedding is it Anyway?…Platinum Weddings) and bridal magazines I have found my favorites thus far! Web: – amazing wed site builder and hosting page. Mike and I are working on our content and posting pictures. It's been a fun project for us. TV: Platinum Weddings on TLC. Take ideas that you like …and you can probably find a cheaper way to execute on your own!! Bridal Magazines: Believe it or not, Martha Stewart Wedding Magazines – great wedding flowers and wedding cake pictures! Hope this helps! Party on! Featured Bride Sara F. has a lot more wedding planning to go before she reaches her big day.

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