Top Wedding Color Schemes For 2020

Prepping for your big day by checking out wedding color schemes for 2020? If you’ve ever wondered what the difference was between “Oxford Blue” and “Prussian Blue,” your best reference would be a Pantone Guide. One of Pantone’s primary products includes the Pantone Guides – a set of thin cardboard sheets with a series of color swatches, bound into a fan deck. Pantone guides allow designers to “color match.” When a design enters the production stage, you want your end product to come out exactly as you planned it. Color is a feature that you should get right. Pantone pretty much decides what the next color trends will be for each year. Trained personnel take into account colors that have been getting more attention in the fashion field and from there, they observe films, effects, upcoming technology and the like. You may not know it, but they practically decide your color scheme for your wedding a year before the event! In fact, they’ve made a shortlist of wedding color schemes for 2020.

Pantone’s Top Wedding Color Schemes for 2020

Everyone is on the lookout for Pantone’s latest color pics for the coming year. This means that early on, you could already tell which hues will make it to most magazine covers. Here’s the inside scoop on Pantone’s top 2020 wedding color schemes:

Color #1: Neo-Mint

Gender-neutral neo-mint is a pastel shade of green predicted to dominate fashion and interiors in the year 2020. It’s also the first on our very own list of top 2020 wedding color schemes. It’s a fresh, oxygenating tone that is so aligned with nature and yet goes in harmony with science and technology.

Top Wedding Color Schemes For 2020

Pictured Bridesmaid Dress: Kennedy Blue's Samantha in the color Sea Glass

Color #2: Purist Blue

Second on our top 2020 wedding color schemes is Purist Blue. Purist Blue is the sunny and softer side of the familiar hue we’ve come to associate with calm and cool. The sea and sky have always been symbols of desire and possibility. It’s an optimistic shade across cultures. Blue and all its shades represent meditation, peace, and escapism. It grounds us and yet uplifts us because of its association with spirituality. Companies are drawn to blue because subliminally, it promises trust, stability, and security. Blue is also a rich color – so much so that those who are color blind can detect it. Out of all the shades of blue, purist blue is seen as the hue that would work well in women’s men’s and even kids’ clothing. (And definitely, a good contender when it comes to wedding color schemes for 2020).

Top Wedding Color Schemes For 2020

Pictured bridesmaid dress: Kennedy Blue's Sarah in the color Teal

Color #3: Cassis

If you tend to shy away from juvenile pink and purple hues, you might want to take a good look at Cassis – a group of sweet tones that offers a deeper blend of purple and pink. Third on our list of top 2020 wedding color schemes is Cassis. Cassis is grown-up glam. It’s coming of age. Yet it is also surprisingly soothing. When you think of purple, you think of royalty, grandeur, and sophistication. Its understated elegance that resonates strongest across Europe. Why would purple be associated with the wealthy? Well, dyeing fabrics in this tone was not only expensive. It was laborious. Only the royalty and the clergy could afford it. For a wedding, this rustic theme communicates that you are grounded.

Top Wedding Color Schemes For 2020

Pictured bridesmaid dress: Kennedy Blue's June in the color Mulberry

Color #4: Cantaloupe

Fourth on our list of wedding color schemes for 2020 is Cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is such a rejuvenating color that it breaks down gender boundaries even if it comes in notes that are associated with softness and sweetness. It exudes a nurturing attitude and creates a good balance between the physical and mental aspects of a person. Orange was merely known as “red yellow” for quite some time. But as the fruit became more mainstream, orange has become a household term. Cantaloupe softens the intensity by bringing milky undertones. It removed the overpowering joie de vivre of orange. Pantone sees this as an upbeat theme for the high summer and is predicted to be a well-loved wedding color scheme for 2020.

Top Wedding Color Schemes For 2020

Pictured bridesmaid dress: Kennedy Blue's Rose in the color Cantaloupe

Color #5: Mellow Yellow

No, this isn’t mustard yellow. Rather, it is a playful shade of it. Mellow yellow is touted to be the next Millenial Pink. It’s also the fifth on our wedding color schemes for 2020 list. It’s been linked to well-loved Generation Z brands and is splashed across not a few influencer’s pages. Psychologically, it is the strongest color because yellow is light and is the first hue that the human eye notices. Thus, it stimulates creativity and mental activity. It also taps into our emotional response by mimicking the look and feel of sunrise or sunset. Unlike other top 2020 wedding color schemes, mellow yellow is strong enough to last the entire season.

Top Wedding Color Schemes For 2020

Pictured bridesmaid dress: Kennedy Blue's Summer in the color Champagne

How to Make Wedding Color Schemes from the Top Colors of 2020

Color resonates with people in unique ways. Everyone has a favorite color (or a color preference that we tend to use more often during certain stages of our lives). It's scientific. A wealth of research stands behind the connection of psychology and emotional well-being to color. There are tons of combinations that can be made with both primary and secondary colors as well as the trending hues for the year 2020. Here’s how to make your big day a strikingly gorgeous one with these wedding color schemes for 2020.

Our Favorite Wedding Color Schemes for 2020 for Every Season

2020's wedding colors have a little something for everyone. They have colors for every season with lots of room to create some beautiful 2020 wedding color schemes. Fortunately for us, you can make lots of varying wedding color schemes with these top colors. All of these colors are versatile and can be made primary wedding colors or secondary wedding colors with ease. Check out some of our favorite wedding colors schemes for every season of 2020!


Top Wedding Color Schemes For 2020

Aminda Villa Photography

This beautiful 2020 wedding color scheme strongly leans on the elements found in jewel-tones, elegance, and colors found in nature. This particular wedding colors scheme plays with the jewel-toned Cassis and complements this vibrant color with a deep green, interweaving strong notes of elegance with a touch of nature. This color scheme is an easy choice for an outdoor wedding! Pair red and white roses, leafy greens, small colorful flowers together to complement this 2020 wedding color scheme well. We love how classic yet contemporary this palette is, and we know you will too!


Top Wedding Color Schemes For 2020

Flow Event Group

I am LIVING for this true blue wedding color scheme. This scheme includes Pantone's Purist Blue and Neo-mint to create the ultimate blue palette. Contrast the greens of spring with these blue tones to make your wedding decorations truly stand out. These two shades are smooth and crisp. This palette is perfect for booth indoor and outdoor weddings, playing with both elegance and suppleness. Include ivory, creams, shades of green, and darker browns and reds to tie this whole wedding color scheme for 2020 together.


Top Wedding Color Schemes For 2020

Verdure Floral & Events

Rose gold has taken the world by storm these past few years, but it is now time to make room for a spin-off of rose gold: cantaloupe. I've never been a fan of the color cantaloupe until this point. I am loving how soft and airy this color is, making it a perfect color to debut in a summer wedding. Play off this pink-toned color by including darker pinks, blush, dark reds, light orange, light greens, and creams. This wedding color scheme is an easy choice for any outdoor wedding and can be used for classic weddings as well as boho weddings. To add a little more flavor to your wedding, add some gold and sparkles in your wedding decor!


Top Wedding Color Schemes For 2020

Lahzeh Photography

This gorgeous wedding palette features two of Pantone's top wedding colors: Cassis and Mellow Yellow. Complete with vibrant pops of color and neutral tones, this wedding palette is perfect for outdoor and fall weddings. We are loving how natural yet show-stopping this wedding palette is. Pair Mellow Yellow with dark purple and light pink flowers as well as plenty of loose greenery to complete this 2020 wedding color scheme. This palette has a sort of softness to it that is quite luring and easy to play around with. Be bold and get Mellow Yellow bridesmaid dresses for your gals!  


Are you loving these upcoming 2020 wedding color schemes as much as we are? Check out some of our favorite bridesmaid dresses to complete these palettes! Which top colors are your favorite? My favorite is Mellow Yellow!

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faith neema
January 22, 2020 08:10

have a problem in picking wedding colors kindly help, one of my colour is navyblue help me find the rest

Tenele Magagula
January 19, 2020 15:13

Im looking for wedding color ideas for a friend. Wedding in april

January 15, 2020 19:11

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Elaine Johnston
January 07, 2020 21:40

Thank you for the preview colors, I am excited to use them in my designs for this upcoming years. They are all simply beautiful. You have helped inspired my upcoming wedding designs.

January 03, 2020 16:26

hey. my wedding is in may in kerala. could u suggest me few colors?!

January 03, 2020 16:27

Where are the Black Women? Colors look different on our skin

Latisha Hardin
January 03, 2020 16:29

Struggling with colors for my wedding and also don’t know where to start.

Tamara Hinds
January 03, 2020 16:29

Helllp!!! Getting married 5/2/2020 and just started putting things together. We are starting with a dark red but cant seen to find a second color to compliment it.

Julie Richards
January 03, 2020 16:29

IMO, Cantalaupe & Coral look great on all skin tones. They ate beautiful Spring, Summer and even Fall colors when mixed with the right coordinating colors.

November 14, 2019 12:13

I’m marrying a guy in the armed forces and I don’t want the wedding theme to clash with his uniform, ahhh! I don’t know what to do because I’m in love with the winter and summer schemes.

October 30, 2019 13:39

I am looking for our wedding color, my fiance said he likes red then I thought of maroon color although we did not yet finalize it yet. at times he wanted blue. Which color combination can we combine with red or maroon? between white n silver maybe?

October 28, 2019 11:42

Looking for a mix colours of nevy blue bangand and dustpink

Geraldine B Schisler
October 28, 2019 11:42

I’m having an August wedding my color purple
My boyfriend wants navy blue tuxedo semi formal help

September 26, 2019 14:27

First wedding at 49 and don’t know where to begin. Wedding date is 08/28/20 and favorite color is red but not a summer color that I’m going to wear. Where do I begin?

CRISELDA Manriquez
September 26, 2019 14:27

Just looking for ideas for my wedding colors.

Mary Brunick
May 16, 2019 10:00

I am struggling to pick the wedding colors. Originally, I have been looking at a mix of mint and/or cantaloupe. But I am in love with the purist blue now!!!

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