A Wedding Plan Checklist {Featured Bride, Kari M.}

Featured Bride, Kari M. Wedding Location: University Club – St. Paul, MN | Wedding Date: June 1, 2012 Many of you might remember Kari from her adorable Minnehaha Falls engagement story. Now that she has had some time to start planning, she’s here with a brand new wedding plan checklist, and a few of her planning a wedding essentials. Check out her wedding checklist and other tips today on My Wedding Chat!

A wedding plan checklist by Featured Bride, Kari M.!Photo by Eric Lundgren Photography.

This wedding checklist will help you plan everything from DIY wedding decorations to color inspiration.

Wedding plan checklist:

From the moment he says, “Will you marry me?” to the moment you both say “I do,” you will be making several decisions throughout your engagement. As a fellow bride, I am here to give you a few tips on how to stay sane and not let all of these choices stress you out. There are three main things to always remember when making choices for your big day:

Wedding plan checklist item #1: Inspiration.

When thinking of your wedding, it might get overwhelming trying to decide on colors, style or theme. There are so many choices – how do you decide?! One of the things that helped me decide was looking at wedding blogs and websites like The Knot or Pinterest. If you go on The Knot you can search by style or color or even theme! After a bit of searching, you will start to notice patterns in weddings that you are drawn to. My one big warning flag is to try not to get too caught up in trends of the season. This is where my next tip comes into play…

Wedding checklist item #2: Make it yours.

Have your choices reflect your personality and style. Even though trends are fun and fashionable, you might regret them in the future. When you look back at your wedding pictures 20 years down the road, you want to see that your personality was reflected on your big day, and that you weren’t just having the same wedding as everyone else that season. Just because the “it” color is Eggplant does not mean you have to use it as well. If you have more of a fun, outgoing personality, you should use bright cheerful colors like oranges, yellows, and blue. If you are more of a classic/traditional gal, stick with natural tones, like ivory, grey, or black. These neutral tones will never go out of style, and they will show your classic style in your photos.

Wedding plan checklist item #3: Remember the budget.

The last thing that almost every bride has but hates to use is that miserable thing called a budget. Yes, every bride deserves the wedding of her dreams, but a budget seems to get in the way. It might be hard to believe, but it is possible to get a wedding of your dreams at a price you can afford. Research is the number one thing you must do before making decisions. Google is a bride’s best friend. Instead of going to the first place you see to buy things like invitations, do some research and make sure you can’t find the same thing somewhere else for half the price. Also, look outside of the city! Many times, rental fees or prices of food will double just because your wedding is in an urban setting. If you go to a smaller, rural town, your costs will go way down. Lastly, try do it yourself wedding crafts. Even if you’re not Martha Stewart, you can do several DIY projects, like DIY wedding decorations, to save a few extra bucks. This is one place where bridal blogs can come in handy. There are tons of brides out there giving tips on how they made everything from centerpieces to invitations, and other DIY wedding decorations. Do it yourself wedding crafts not only save money, they can be really fun, too! If you use this wedding checklist to help you decide how you want to spend your money, your decisions will seem much less daunting than you thought they were. Good luck and happy planning!


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