Visual Aspects to Consider when Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

When picking out your wedding flowers, there are many different things to consider, especially the visual design.

Wedding flowers tips and tricks!

Marah of Marah Cole Designs wants to help you pick the most beautiful flowers for your wedding.  Read on for her expert wedding florist tips on wedding flowers: Looking through magazines and pictures on-line is a great way to get ideas for your wedding flowers designs.  Pay attention to the different textures, color combinations, sizes and shapes of the flowers and bouquets.  Take note of things that you do not like as well as things that you do.

1. Texture.

Texture: Some flowers are more soft and garden-y while others are more clean and contemporary.  Flowers like Hyacinth, Peonies and Roses have a soft, romantic garden texture to them.  Calla Lilies and Orchids are more clean and contemporary.  I look to the brides dress to help determine the appropriate texture for a given wedding. If the dress has a lot of detail I try to keep the flowers more simple to avoid things looking to busy.  If the dress as more simple the flowers can be more ornate and look stunning.  At the same time some brides choose more simple dresses because it reflects their personality and the wedding flowers should always reflect the bride’s personality as well.  So there is a balancing act.

2. Color.

Color: It is always better to complement dresses rather then to match them in order to avoid flowers blending in or clashing with the dress color.  Traditionally brides carried all white bouquets, especially in the 1920’s and 1930’s.  This tradition has changed, though.  Currently, brides often like bright, bold or dramatic color combinations.  I often like to use more colorful flowers for the bride to contrast her dress, and less colorful flowers for the bridesmaids to contrast the color of their dresses.  This depends on the color of dresses.

3. Size.

Size: Peonies and Stargazer Lilies have large blossoms and are therefore often the focal point of a bouquet.  Medium sized blossoms such as Roses, Orchids and Calla Lilies are classic wedding flowers and work great to bulk up a bouquet.  Smaller flowers such as Sweet Peas, Ranunculus and Freesia fill out a bouquet nicely.  I love to use a variety of large, medium small blossoms to create interest and balance in bridal bouquets.

4. Shape.

Shape: Some flowers are more round like Gerbera Daisies and Roses.  Other flowers are longer such as Larkspur and Delphinium.  Lilies have a shape that is uniquely theirs.  Again I look to the bride’s dress for inspiration.  Often brides are naturally drawn towards one shape or another. Marah Nicholson –Artistic Director Marah Cole Designs 612-290-2730 Other Blogs You'll Love: So Many Flowers, So Little Time: How To Choose the Right Flowers for Your Wedding 411 on the Wedding Florist Color Me a Fairytale: Wedding Color Trends for Spring 2011 by Pantone

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