Get That Vintage Flair for Your Girls with Vintage Style Bridesmaid Dresses

If you have started planning a wedding in the last year or two, there is no doubt you have seen some elements of the “vintage” theme that is all the rage. With so many brides choosing bridal gowns that are inspired by eras past, there are bound to be a few of them who are seeking inspiration from vintage bridesmaid dresses, too. (You can also find a My Wedding Chat post all about vintage-style wedding dresses, if you are still searching for your dream bridal gown.)

Vintage style bridesmaid dresses!

Eden 7350SD

Throwback styles by today's best designers.

So many designers have jumped on the vintage bandwagon, taking their cues from vintage bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses when they are creating their new gowns. If you like the idea of a vintage bridesmaid dress, but would rather not scour consignment shops and thrift stores in search of the perfect one, we have an ideal compromise for you: a vintage style bridesmaid dress. Retro is back with a vengeance! We have chosen a few of our favorite vintage style bridesmaid dresses that could easily have time traveled from the 1950s and 1960s to 2012. This just goes to show you that truly classic dresses and silhouettes never go out of style. We love that!

Alfred Sung D522

Jasmine L144012

Find the perfect style from Wedding Shoppe, Inc. today!

Jim Hjelm JH5209

Bill Levkoff 121

Having trouble finding the perfect vintage bridesmaid dress? Shop from our selection of vintage style bridesmaid dresses, and end your search today!

Jim Hjelm JH5125

Jim Hjelm JH5238

So, there you have it: why run around, searching for that perfect vintage bridesmaid dress, when we have done the work for you? What a breeze!


Did we forget your favorite vintage style bridesmaid dress here? Do you have any questions about any of the dresses featured here? Drop us a line in the comments section, or send us an email at

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