Video: Common Bridal Alterations (Bridal Gown & Bridesmaid Dress)

Video: Common Bridal Alterations (Bridal Gown & Bridesmaid Dress)
When you receive your special order wedding dress or bridesmaid dress from the manufacturer you’ll notice that it doesn't quite fit like a glove yet. Wedding dress alterations are just part of the game. We’re chatting about the common bridesmaid dresses alterations and wedding dress alterations today.

Why are bridal alterations necessary?

Most dresses need to have their sides taken in either in the bust, waist, hips in order to fit your body correctly. See what we’re talking about in our common alterations video.

Bridesmaid dresses alterations are to be expected, too.

Every dress (both bridal and bridesmaid) will need to be professionally pressed and hemmed. When you come to your alterations appointment here at the Shoppe or go elsewhere, remember to bring the shoes you’re wearing on the day of the wedding along. If your dress has straps, those will most likely have to be adjusted to fit comfortably as well. That last thing you want to do while dancing the night away is fight with your straps!

Wedding dress alterations require a little more work.

One alteration that is exclusive to a wedding dress is the addition of a bustle. There are several ways for a seamstress to add a bustle, whether it is through a series of ribbons you tie together or the addition of buttons and hooks on the underside of your dress. Most bustle- ling systems are invisible, but very necessary to hold up your train once the ceremony and pictures are over.

One thing to keep in mind – Most alterations take a couple fittings. It’s a good idea to get your dress altered right after you receive it to allow time for 2-4 fittings. If you’ve recently received your dress and are looking for a qualified seamstress, check out our vendor finder here on

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