Check Out Unique Bridal Gowns from Alita Graham!

Check Out Unique Bridal Gowns from Alita Graham!
As part of the famed Kleinfeld Kollection, Alita Graham wedding dress styles are known all around the world. Lucky for you—the Wedding Shoppe is one of only nine authorized dealers in the country, and the only retailer of this line in Minnesota! Their exclusivity added to their innovative designs make these truly unique designer bridal dresses.

Unique bridal gowns: Alita Graham 7812

You’ll love unique bridal gowns of tulle, organza, and appliqué!

There are some very cool things happening in recent Alita Graham wedding dress lines. The gowns I’ve chosen for this post are made with some seriously amazing materials, and we know you’ll love them as much as we do! Shop all of our amazing and unique gowns to find your perfect wedding day look.>>

What are you looking for in unique bridal gowns?

Unique bridal gowns: Alita Graham 7800 Unique bridal gowns: Alita Graham 7719
Of course, “unique” is a subjective term, and can mean different things to each bride. We think these styles are unique because of their creative details and construction, from floral appliqués to tiers of tulle and artful draping. These feminine designs somehow manage to be strike a perfect balance between fresh, modern style and organic loveliness, and we can’t get enough of them!

An Alita Graham wedding dress is the perfect addition to your big day.

Whether you’ve been searching for the perfect dress for awhile and know exactly what you want, or you’re just starting on your journey, we hope you find some inspiration in these stunning styles. And even if you don’t find something you love here, don’t forget that you can shop the Alita Graham collection in its entirety on! What do you think is unique about these designer bridal dresses?

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