Our Top Ten Something Blue Ideas

Last week we wrote about the old adage to bring good luck to your wedding; wear ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue’. If you’re concerned about how on earth you’re going to incorporate this tradition in your wedding, we at the Wedding Shoppe have decided to compile a list of some popular (and a few unique) ideas for how to get good luck at your wedding with something blue.

Something Blue Ideas

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Over the next ten Fridays, we’ll talk about each of our top ten something blue ideas:
1. Blue Shoes Learn several tips for how to incorporate something blue into your shoes. 2. Blue Wedding Undergarments Find out how your something blue can even be a surprise for the first night of your honeymoon! 3. Blue Hair Accessories Read about the many different ways to integrate blue hair accessories. 4. Blue Bridal Accessories Take advantage of these clever ideas for slipping in a blue accessory. 5. Blue Flowers or Wedding Centerpieces Check out this list for suggestions on using decorations, whether you want blue as part of your color scheme or prefer something subtle. blue flowers or bouquet jewelry

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6. Blue Sashes, Belts, or other Wedding Dress Adornments Explore these options for adding blue to your wedding dress. 7. Blue Bridesmaid Dresses or Groomsmen Suits Be original by having other people wear your something blue. 8. Blue Venues Note these out-of-the-box ideas for having a ‘something blue’ venue. 9. Blue by Brand Get creative with these popular dress brands that have blue in the name. 10. Blue Wedding Dresses Stand out with these options for a blue wedding dress.

something blue ideas: bridesmaids

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Enjoy our unique something blue ideas!

We hope you find our ideas for something blue helpful! Be sure to visit My Wedding Chat in the next few weeks to learn more about each idea. Remember, this is your and your fiancé’s wedding and the two of you should make whatever choices that best reflect the two of you as a couple. Whether this means going out of your way to include something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue or choosing not to include this tradition at all, the ultimate decision is up to the two of you. Whatever you decide, the Wedding Shoppe is here to help you find exactly what you've been looking for.

Which something blue idea is your favorite? What are some other ideas for including something blue? Tell us below!

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