Top 5 Ways to Save Early-On in Wedding Planning

Featured Bride Nikki S., Wedding Location: Minnetonka, MN | Wedding Date: April 9, 2011

Top 5 Ways to Save Early on in Wedding Planning

As a little girl you always imagine your wedding day to be this lavish experience, perfect conditions and catered to every whim of your imagination.  Well, unless you live in Hawaii and your wedding budget is endless this may not really be your case.  However, I have found that there are several ways to save and cut corners.  Here is a top 5 list of ways we have been saving on our big day:

5. Having your wedding on an off month.

This was a huge area of savings for us!  I wasn’t super pumped about having an April wedding at first, having envisioned my wedding outside on a warm summer evening.  But this has been such a huge way to find deals with vendors, enjoy a honeymoon in warmth that’s bearable and craved, and have a ton of openings for services.

4. Go to the Wedding Shoppe St Paul.

Not only are the employees wonderful and help you with any of your needs, but they also have a non pushy, so helpful attitude that made the experience the BEST I could have hoped for.  The dress I have selected is something I wouldn’t have picked on my own and my Wedding Shoppe attendant was more than helpful bringing it to my attention.  (It can be kind of crazy when your Mom and friends are giving opinions and you get caught up in wanting others approvals). Browse or shop dresses here!>>

3. Who do you know?

Reid and I found that when we sat down to discuss our wedding budget and the things we needed, we had many friends that could help.  We have a DJ, pastor, dress alterations/veil, centerpiece items, invites and a place for our honeymoon all for free.  Also, resource yourself with other brides that you can call on.  Several other brides in my life had tips/left over items we could use.  We are so blessed to have friends and family that want to help!

2. Food is the cost.

I would say almost 70% of the wedding cost is food.  We are having a large wedding and the initial freak out moment came when we started researching what it cost to feed 300+ people.  The way we saved here is by having a vendor that was willing to bring down the cost in the off season.  Other ways we were able to save here, is by having a restaurant cater instead of a service.  They often offer a cheaper cost and can be more flexible with location.  We also are saving by ordering one small cute cake for Reid and I and the rest of our cakes will be sheet cakes from Costco or Sam’s club.  They are cheaper, delicious and then you still have the “cute” cake cutting pics.

1. Be on the same page.

Reid and I had to sit down and work through what we valued most at our wedding.  This is what we want to spend the most on.  At first we had too many areas that seemed important to us and we were freaking out over cost, planning, etc.  We sat down and picked the top 2-4 areas that meant the most to us and this was the list we came up with: People- We want people to be able to come as well as have a great time. Budget- We have a budget and want to stay as close to or under that as possible. Pictures- We found a great photog who takes AMAZING pics -Matt Lien Photography Honeymoon- We want to enjoy our first week of being married together in a relaxing place somewhere warm. Overall we have been working on spending where we feel passionate about and saving on things that really don’t matter to us.  It’s been so helpful for me to remember that everything will come together and to relax.  Enjoy this season of your life and really take advantage of doing all the fun “We're engaged things” as a couple.  Go to wedding fairs, taste testing things and get all the info you can.

Count down is on until April 9th 2011....

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