Romantic Ideas for a Wedding Proposal {Featured Bride, Sara F.}

Featured Bride Sara F., Wedding Location: Minneapolis, MN  |  Wedding Date: June, 25, 2011

Romantic Ideas for a Wedding Proposal

Long distance love.

It was December 23rd, 2009. The snow was mounting at the Minneapolis international airport. Mike moved to San Diego in April 2009 to take on the wild west and a new job. I was still working in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It had been a great summer for me. Visits to San Diego and the beach were highlights. Summer turned to fall and fall to winter. The long distance that separated us was, well, annoying. We made a point to call each other every night to re-cap the day’s events. We missed each other... but we knew that our lives would realign at some point.

The night it happened.

Back to the dark and snowy night: I was excited for Mike’s flight to get in.  Honestly, I was just happy that his flight took-off as many flights were canceled due to the winter weather.  Mike’s sister Molly and I were off to the Minneapolis airport to pick him up among the tired and hungry traveling holiday mass. Something was off though. Molly was acting strange. Insistent upon parking and going into the airport to see Michael, we parked and went in to the rat race that is the airport at Christmas time.

As we entered Molly began to distance herself. I ignored the behavior and bought a cup of coffee and waited by the baggage claim. Molly continued to lurk about. “Whatever…” I thought. Then I saw him. Mike came down the escalator. Smiling. And bright red?  I hugged him and laughed  “ So you’ve been hitting the beach to make us jealous?” “No?”  He replied. "Oh, ok…why is your face red?" "I don't know?" As we began to walk – Molly, again fell way behind?! I turned around and Molly was nowhere to be seen and Mike was on the floor! Me: What are you doing? The car is this way?! (I would like to say that my tone was pleasant and loving. It wasn’t) Mike still crouched calmly pulled a white box out of his coat pocket. Mike: I want to ask you something. Me: What?! (Graceful, right) Mike: Will you marry me? Me: What?! You don’t have a ring (Please note that the box was closed) Mike opens the box! It’s the ring that I fell in love with from a Canadian jewelry designer! Me: Yes! Molly: Sobbing. There you have it. Our engagement story. Love at the airport.

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