The Wedding Guest List & Ceremony Location {Featured Bride, Jessi M.}

Featured Bride Jessi M., Wedding Location: Wolf Lake, MN  |  Wedding Date: August 7, 2010

Details, details, details: The wedding guest list and ceremony location.

The ceremony location:

Out of all the possible wedding locations in the world, Jessi chose one of her favorite places: her parent's lake cabin. A few years ago, my parents purchased a lake cabin up north near Bemidji. It has quickly become one of my favorite places to spend time. The cabin is perched on a hill overlooking the lake, surrounded by trees. The cabin also has a large beautiful lawn on the south side . . . perfect for a wedding ceremony!

Shopping for the bridal dress:

I’ve gone "shopping for the dress" about a dozen times - for friends. While it’s great to help friends with their special day, it is a completely different experience to look for YOUR bridal dress. Now it’s your sisters, friends, and Mom laughing at the ridiculous dresses, admiring the pretty ones that aren’t quite right, and then gasping the big "ohhhh" when you have found the one.  I went dress shopping three or four different times before finally finding "The One." I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world, and my eyes welled with tears when I tried it on. Except, by this time, I had already thought I’d found "The One." While I loved the first "One," it just didn’t compare. Luckily, I found the real "One" before I actually bought the first bridal dress. So, now I have the dress of my dreams and have to resist the urge to try it on constantly. Only three more months of self-control!

The wedding guest list:

Long story short: our wedding guest list consists of 480 people.  A pretty big wedding, right? Maybe not the biggest you’ve ever been to, but big enough. Except the hotel where our reception is only holds 320. Maximum. Here’s to hoping everyone that RSVPs has a place to sit, even if it’s on someone else’s lap. Just kidding. Sort of.

Choosing the wedding party:

Neither Sean nor I could imagine our special day without our brothers and sisters standing up with us. I have two sisters and one brother. Sean has one sister and brother. So automatically we are at three bridesmaids (with my two sister's as co-Maidens of Honor) and two groomsmen (with Sean's brother as the Best Man). That was the easy part. Both Sean and I have a great group of friends that we also want involved. At last count, I have 12 best friends. It sounds like I’m joking, but that’s for real. I’ve been a bridesmaid 17 times and have made some amazing friends in my life. So, rather than have a ridiculous number of bridesmaids, I decided to have a ridiculous number of honorary bridesmaids (7) and personal attendants (5). Sean was too cool to have honorary groomsmen (or male personal attendants for that matter) and decided to have 9 ushers. Only our brothers and sisters will stand up with us during the ceremony, but the honorary bridesmaids will get to walk down the aisle and sit in the row behind family. The ushers will just have to do a lot of standing around, trying to look pretty.

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