Bridesmaid Dresses: The Long and Short of it with Lela Rose

Bridesmaid Dresses: The Long and Short of it with Lela Rose
I've been a companion to many brides who have agonized over the decision of long or short bridesmaid dresses for their wedding day. Today, I want to help you spell out the pros and cons of each style with some Lela Rose bridesmaid dress styles. Hopefully you’ll be a little closer to your decision than you were five minutes ago.

short bridesmaid dresses

Long bridesmaid dresses: Pros and cons.

If you were to look through my bridesmaid dress closet, you would see 90% long chiffon dresses. Most of my friends have the same taste, I guess. Some of these dresses are better than others, but one benefit they hold in common is warmth. I know it sounds crazy to say chiffon is warm, but the fall weddings I wore my long bridesmaid dresses to were much warmer thanks to having a little leg coverage. Long bridesmaid dresses also add a touch of refinement and formality to your wedding day. They “dress up” the event. Shop all of our gowns to find the perfect one for you!>>

Long bridesmaid dressesLela Rose Bridesmaid Dresses from left to right -  LX148, LX131, and LX133

One downside to a long dress is the price. They are usually $20-$40 more than a knee- or tea-length dress. If you choose a long Lela Rose bridesmaid dress, you will find the price almost identical to their similar short dress style.

Short bridesmaid dresses: Fun and sweet.

Choosing short dresses for your girls can add some fun and sassiness to your wedding day. Depending on the overall style of the dress you choose, a short bridesmaid dress can me more informal and fun. If you’re having a summer wedding, your bridesmaids will be incredibly thankful for your selection of a short dress. Can we say built in air-conditioning? A short Lela Rose bridesmaid dress is an excellent choice for summer nuptials. There are tons of fun styles, and great colors to choose from.

Find your perfect bridesmaid dresses by Lela Rose.

I only have two short bridesmaid dresses in my collection. They are horribly unflattering on me because of where they hit my leg. I usually look like a munchkin dressed in pastel whenever I put them on. This is one of the drawbacks of choosing short dresses: you have to be careful about where the hemline hits your ladies. You want them to look gorgeous, don’t you? The ideal hemline for a short or tea-length dress is right above or below the knee.

short bridesmaid dresses - lela roseLela Rose bridesmaid dresses from left to right - LR147, LR125, and LR132

Whether you choose short or long dresses, make sure you check out a Lela Rose bridesmaid dress or two. You choose the color, the style, and the length. You’re sure to find the perfect dress to fit your big day!

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