The Dessy Twist Dress: Wear it Any Way You Like!

Ah, the age-old dilemma: finding a dress for your bridesmaids that each of them will love. While we cannot make the decision for you, we can certainly help you with the process. Dessy bridesmaid dress styles are wildly popular, and we are so excited about their newest venture: the twist wrap dress. Sometimes called an "infinity dress" or a "multi-way dress," the Dessy twist dress literally gives your 'maids endless options.

Dessy bridesmaid dress – Twist1 in Persian Plum

A twist wrap dress is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Keep it in place with fashion tape from Wedding Shoppe, Inc.!

Wear it anyway you like! The Dessy twist dress.

Because of the "do-it-yourself" nature of this convertible bridesmaid dress style, we felt it only natural to include a few of our favorite tricks for keeping your dress in place. After all, the whole point of this twist wrap dress is its mass appeal, and what good does it do if your girls feel nervous while wearing it? That's where Hollywood Fashion Tape comes in. Fashion tape is a nifty little invention that keeps everything in its proper place. A clear, double-sided, hypoallergenic tape, fashion tape adheres to both clothing and skin, closing up gaps and just generally helping you feel more assured that everything is where it should be. Offered online at, this clever product is only $8.99 for 36 3-inch disposable strips; meaning you can use it long after your Dessy twist dress wearing days are over. And, heads up, brides: fashion tape would make a totally useful bridesmaid gift. Now, back to the Dessy convertible bridesmaid dress. Here is just a small sampling of the ways this dress can be worn :
Dessy Twist Dress
Apple Slice Oasis Buttercup Persian Plum Black

Dessy twist wrap dress styles: wear it short or long!

Twist2 in Petal Pink/Midnight

Twist1 in Estate Blue

Twist 1 in Ocean Blue

As you can see, this Dessy bridesmaid dress is available in short or long lengths. It's also available in solid or two-tone, for those brides who want to incorporate more than one of their wedding colors into their girls' attire.

Dessy bridesmaid dress style: Twist wrap dress.

Twist2 in Suede Rose/Monument

Twist2 in Clover/Graphite

Twist1 in Concord

Something else we love about this convertible bridesmaid dress is that the jersey material makes it hand-washable, and the universal sizing means you will not have to worry about alterations. Check out all of your bridesmaid dress options here to find your perfect style!>> What do you think? Will you choose a convertible bridesmaid dress for your girls? Drop us a line in the comments below; we would love to hear your thoughts!

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