The 5 Biggest Wedding Beauty Blunders

The 5 Biggest Wedding Beauty Blunders
We all want to look and feel beautiful on our wedding day, but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. Although we’re only human, it’s natural to want everything to fall into place perfectly—including our hair, skin, nails, etc. Read on for tips to avoid—and fix!—beauty disasters should they so fall on your wedding day. I also want to point out that every bride featured here looks stunning. Obviously avoided all blunders!

The Top 5 Wedding Beauty Blunders:

Anita Martin Photography

Anita Martin Photography


Not every wedding dress is created equal, but you can be sure that every wedding dress demands radiant skin. If you’re planning to get a spray tan before your nuptials, the first precaution you’ll need to take is exfoliation—up to several months before you get your glow on and for several times a week. Getting rid of dead skin on the surface makes for soft and smooth skin that won’t become patchy or flaky. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the tan inevitably sticking to those rough patches. Even if you aren’t getting the spray tan, it’s still a good idea to exfoliate and keep the skin moisturized for that flawless complexion. For more pre-wedding skincare tips, you can read my blog here. Speaking of spray tans—our healthier alternative to laying in potentially cancer-causing tanning beds—and assuming you’ve done a few test runs before the big day, one must use special care so that your tan doesn’t end up all over your pure-as-the-driven-snow white dress. In order to do so, make your appointment a few days before your wedding. That way the first layer of the tan will presumably have rinsed off in the shower and all that will remain is the color that has settled into your skin. Remember to keep moisturized—your tan will endure a lot longer with healthy, hydrated skin. bride-checking-makeup

Ray + Kelly Photography


While we’re on the topic of skin, it’s unfortunate that any bride should have to worry about the unwelcome appearance of zits and blemishes on her wedding day. To lower the risk of sudden acne spots, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water leading up to the wedding so your skin has the chance to purge toxins (not only should you be drinking enough water leading up to the wedding, but it’s always a safe bet to be drinking plenty of water every day!). Also, keep your food choices light and clean—meaning scarfing down a pizza a day prior to the wedding might not be in your best interest blemish-wise. Choose lean meats and fresh fruits and vegetables to really support an amazing complexion. If you do find yourself with a zit come vow time, there are a few tricks to help diminish its appearance. First of all, don’t poke, prod, or pop! Messing with it could only make it worse. As for topical treatments, one of the best kept secrets of pimple-hiders is to use Visine eye drops for red and inflamed bumps. The Visine offers a quick fix by taking the red out of the blemish, just like it does for red eyes. Another favorite topical application of mine is Fast Fix for a Pimple by Alba Botanica. It’s a tinted cream that covers the zit, but willow bark extract, colloidal sulfur, and licorice root help to get rid of it all together. At $6 a pop, it’s worth it to keep one of these handy and in your wedding emergency kit. Amanda Marie Photography

Amanda Marie Photography

Chipped Nails

All eyes will be on your hands—at least your left one—on your wedding day, so a case of chipped nails could be extra inconvenient. To avoid this in the first place, there are a few things you can do: First, it’s recommended to paint a horizontal stripe across the top of the nail. This strengthens the polish and lends some extra help keeping chips at bay. Further, you should be using a base and a top coat to make the manicure more durable and able to last longer. If this option works for you, you can also choose a lighter-colored polish, which will make chips automatically less noticeable than their darker-colored counterparts. If you do find yourself with a few chips, there are a few tricks you can use for a quick fix. Grab a toothpick and lightly dot the area of the chip and allow to dry. This will make for a relatively even reapplication. You can also apply polish remover to the pad of one of your fingertips and dab on the chip in a circular motion to smooth it out. Once the spot is dry, fill exposed nail areas with polish and finish by painting a fresh coat of polish over the entire nail. Brian Bossany Photography

Brian Bossany Photography


This goes out to all the summer brides out there: We don’t want you to melt! Makeup tends to “melt” not only because of sweat, but also because of our skin’s natural oils. First things first: Try to keep cool. As far as the oils go, try using an oil preventing cleanser and blot on your face before you apply. Leading up to the wedding, you can also use a clay mask a few times a week to reduce the skin’s oil production. If you can swing it, try using only a small amount of foundation—less is more! But if skipping the foundation isn’t in the cards, it helps to apply a primer to the skin before the foundation. This will help the makeup stay put and some primers will also control oil and shine For lips, choose a long-wear lip color, but make sure your kisser is properly moisturized before application, as long-wear tends to be very drying. You can also wear a lip liner to help the color keep its shape while you eat, drink, and kiss the night away. One One Photography

One:One Photography


Brides will choose to wear their locks in any number of ways—the trick is getting it to stay in place from photo-taking to ceremony to reception. If you’re a low maintenance gal, stick with an updo that is locked into place with the obvious tools—hairspray, bobby pins, etc. In any case, up-or-down-do, have your ‘maids or attendants make sure those items are in your wedding emergency kit in case something should fall out of place. You can also incorporate a hat, headband, or other flattering headpiece that serves as both a beautiful and unique accessory, and also a security blanket for stray hairs and fly-aways.

How will you avoid wedding beauty mistakes?

Did we miss any tips for unexpected beauty blunders? Share them with us in the comments below! You may also like... pre-baby-bucket-list should-you-have-a-first-look must-have-wedding-day-emergency-kit

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