TCBA Wedding Fair Ticket Giveaway: Jamie's Proposal Story

Our proposal story.

My entire engagement story is in the YouTube video below ... but here's a brief background of how we got there!

Surprise, surprise!

On June 4th, the day after my birthday - my boyfriend had planned a surprise that he hoped "I'd like, but it really wasn't a big deal". Movies are a big deal in our house, and I was overjoyed when I found out we were going to be taking our 3-year-old son to his first movie: a pre-screening of Cars 2.

A Filthy Liar.

We packed our son and his big sister into the truck, and took off for Mann's Theater in Plymouth, Minnesota. I had zero reason to pay attention to anything around me - like familiar cars in the parking lot. When we walked into the building, it was really quiet, but I was told that the pre-screening was before business hours. Sounds great. The four of us walked into the theater, and I noticed a familiar song playing through the speakers,  but had no reason to think it had anything to do with me. "Cool," I thought, "I wonder which preview is playing, that has our favorite song in the soundtrack." Mike looked at me and said, "And by the way, I'm a filthy liar." At this exact moment, our 3-year-old fell to the ground, unsure of his surroundings. I was so focused on making sure he was quiet, to prevent him from ruining the movie theater experience for others in the audience, that I didn't notice my best friends from high school and my sister ducking down in the row directly behind where we were sitting!

The silver screen lit up and...

The YouTube video shows you exactly what happened after that. This is what I saw:

Everything I never knew I wanted.

Amazing! Everything I never knew I ever wanted! We went out for appetizers and drinks with some of our family and friends who had been in the "audience". While we out, Mike looked over at me and said, "Oh, and by the way, our wedding website is live... as of this morning." He had put the video up on a website he had created before we left (a version without my reaction, of course!). You can read more ramblings from our amazing day on the wonderful blog he created for me to document our journey: Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy watching our perfect day, as much as I enjoyed living it!


Thanks for submitting your proposal story, Jamie!

Be sure to leave some love for Jamie and her fiancé in the comments below, for her chance to win a pair of Twin City Bridal Association Wedding Fair tickets! The winner will be announced on October 3rd, 2011. Best of luck, Jamie!

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Sara Schmidt
May 16, 2019 06:52

May you share a life FULL of laughter and a happy Hollywood ending! I’m excited to raise my glass to Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Jamie Wilson!

May 16, 2019 06:52

Happy to make it mean something, my love.

Nicole Linstad
May 16, 2019 06:52

This proposal was amazing…..I was there in person and to see an amazing woman have a fairytale engagement. She is the best and deserves to have two free tickets to this event.

May 16, 2019 06:52

Well Jamie, I figured I better leave a comment. I owe you after I accidentally kicked you in the face years ago. Love you and I know you guys are going to be the coolest couple ever!

May 16, 2019 06:52

Mike’s proposal to Jamie was so original and so personal. I can’t imagine how special that must have made her feel. I can’t wait for their wedding, which will undoubtedly be just as perfect. Those two are so in love with each other, it makes me want to vomit with happiness and jealousy.

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