TCBA Wedding Fair Ticket Giveaway: Anna's Proposal Story

Our Proposal Story:

Designer wedding dresses Wayne thought we should relive our "first date": a picnic that we took together, six years ago. He asked if there was anywhere special I wanted to go, and since I had never been to Minnehaha Falls, that's the place I picked! We bought everything we needed, borrowed a picnic basket and a blanket from my mom, and packed for what would be the most memorable day of my life (so far). The morning of this year's 4th of July consisted of normal things, like going to a parade. The early afternoon consisted of a fun date to Minnehaha Falls, where we had a wonderful picnic lunch. After the picnic, we decided to go walk around, see the Falls, etc. We started walking around the trails a bit, down by the river... it was really busy there, and Wayne kept on complaining about how many people were around. I tried to make him feel better by telling him that it was busy, because it was a Holiday weekend... I don't think I helped much! :) When we were finally alone on one of the trails, he pulled out his phone, asking me to hold it, while he tied his shoe. (Background story: The day before Wayne proposed, I told him that, when I was younger, my dad would ask me to hold something while he tied his shoe, and then walk away, because most of the time, he had sandals on. Wayne thought the story was humorous, and asked me to play along, if he ever did that to me.) He handed me his phone and then he didn't really move, so I handed it back to him. And he insisted, "No, please humor me; hold my phone, while I tie my shoe." So again, I took his phone. He bent down to "tie" his flip flop, reached into his pocket, pulled out a box, opened it up, and asked me to marry him! I started crying almost immediately, and could barely say "yes," because I was so excited!!! I can't wait to marry this wonderful man... he is such a blessing in my life! designer wedding dresses


Thanks for submitting your story, Anna!

Be sure to leave some love for her and her fiance in the comments below for her chance to win a pair of Twin City Bridal Association Wedding Fair tickets! The winner will be announced on October 3rd, 2011. Best of luck, Anna!

To view the complete rules of our TCBA Wedding Fair ticket giveaway, please read our post: Twin City Bridal Association Wedding Fair Ticket Giveaway, on My Wedding Chat. For more information on the Twin City Bridal Association Wedding Fair, please visit The Wedding Fair on the TCBA website. Wedding Shoppe, Inc. is your "One Stop Wedding Shoppe" - offering hundreds of designer bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, bridal party dresses, and much more! Stop by, and visit us at this year’s October Wedding Fair, on October 9th, 2011.
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May 16, 2019 06:52

What a great story :)

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