Let’s Talk Fabric! Featuring After Six Bridesmaid Dresses

So far we’ve talked about chiffon and satin fabrics: two major staples in the bridesmaid dress fabric world. This week we want to talk about georgette fabric. You’ve probably never heard of it, but chances are you have seen it or possibly even worn it. It’s soft, flowing, and perfect for your bridesmaid dresses.

Georgette fabric Gowns

What in the world is georgette fabric?

Georgette is a semi-sheer lightweight fabric similar to crepe, with a soft drape and flow. It is traditionally made from silk, although synthetic fibers such as polyester are sometimes used as well. The thing that makes georgette distinctive is the crinkly, crepe-like texture, which feels slightly rough and dull, but gives the fabric a bouncy, flowing look. We've got lots of looks to love. Check them out!>>

Georgette Fabric bridesmaid dresses

You will also notice that georgette has a wrinkle-free attribute which is different from chiffon or crepe. The ease of wearing and lightness of the dress will make your bridesmaids fall in love! We have some stunning After Six dresses in georgette. From strapless to sweetheart to a one shouldered georgette bridesmaid dress, we’ve got them all!

After Six dresses: Which style to choose?

With so many different styles of bridesmaid dresses and so many different bridesmaids to fit, choosing the right style for your ladies is just as important as what fabric you choose. Take into consideration the height, weight, and age of your ‘maids in order to choose a dress that will make them stand out for all the right reasons.

How about a one shouldered georgette bridesmaid dress?

One shouldered dresses are HUGE right now! They take two of our favorite necklines and merge them into one: the sweetheart and the v-neck. There is a beautifully draped and flattering one shouldered georgette bridesmaid dress from After Six dresses that has us going, “Ooh lala!” It also comes in almost any color you can imagine. Bonus! When it comes to how it will fit your gals, it will flatter almost any body shape and provide support where support is needed, if you catch my drift. 

Georgette dresses

If you’ve been looking at chiffon dresses but want something just a little different and definitely more unique, make sure you check out georgette fabric. You’ll love the feel, the look, and the price of After Six bridesmaid dresses at the Wedding Shoppe.  

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