Now’s the Time to Shop for Summer Wedding Dresses!

Now’s the Time to Shop for Summer Wedding Dresses!
It’s hard to think about summer while we’re in the middle of winter. But bridal gowns typically take 6-8 months to manufacture, so if you’re planning on getting married this summer, now is the time to order one of our beautiful bridal dresses!

Summer wedding dresses: Maggie Sottero Bridget

Light and lovely: What makes these summer wedding dresses so great?

When I think of dresses for summer wedding ceremonies, I think of flowy chiffon, soft draping, and elements of whimsy. That’s not to say that all summer bridal gowns must be casual or less formal than other gowns—but there’s something laid back and fun about the summer season that no other seasons have. Here in Minnesota, summer is about going to the lake, eating burgers hot off the grill, and enjoying the sunshine. Why shouldn’t your gown be a reflection of that? Find a gown that reflects your style perfectly.>>

Finding “the one” is easy with our collection of summer wedding dresses!

Summer wedding dresses: Alyne Dillian

So many summertime weddings take place outdoors, it’s only natural that your dress be venue- and weather-appropriate. Alyne Dillian is one of my favorite beautiful bridal dresses for a summer wedding. Its quiet elegance and simple sparkle are perfectly appropriate for an outdoor setting! Chiffon is a great fabric for warmer months; not only is it more lightweight and breathable, it also drapes beautifully and won’t wrinkle as easily as other fabrics.

More dresses for summer wedding celebrations:

Summer wedding dresses: Bari Jay 2038

I chose a handful of my favorite styles today, but there are so many more out there! Here are a few other styles I think you’ll love. You can also check out all of our chiffon dresses for an even bigger selection!

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