What to Wear for Prom 2013: a Strapless Floral Print Prom Gown

With prom quickly approaching it’s time to select the perfect dress to make you stand out from the crowd! Have you considered a strapless floral print prom gown? We love all of our strapless prom dress with floral options here at the Shoppe. Don’t waste time being indecisive about your prom dress. Start your shopping now!
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Here’s why we love strapless floral print prom gown styles.

Defining out love is simple: we love how different a floral dress is compared to the rest of them hanging on your racks right now. They really stand out, but not in a bad way. They are true show stoppers. Just because you choose a floral dress doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the hottest trend of the season: sparkle. Most of our favorite foliage covered dresses also have their fair share of bling! The dresses here have been discontinued to make room for this seasons hottest looks. See what's new!>>
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Try a strapless prom dress with florals for prom 2013.

With so many different places to buy formal dresses, it can become really taxing to go from store to store trying on dresses, only to worry about wearing the same dress as someone else at your prom. When you buy your dress at the Shoppe, we keep a detailed registry of who is wearing which dress, and what school they are attending for Prom 2013. When you find that perfect strapless prom dress with the perfect fit, we’ll tell you if anyone else is going to be wearing it! Prom crisis averted.
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 Check out all of our prom 2013 styles today!

Is your event quickly approaching, and you haven’t found a dress yet? Don’t worry, we are here to help! We have hundreds of gorgeous formal styles in-store on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul, MN for you to take home right now! Not local to our Shoppe? It’s ok, check out our selection of gorgeous formal styles online at www.GrandProm.com!

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