Spring 2011 Bridesmaid Dresses: Laura's Picks.

Spring 2011 bridesmaid dresses: Laura's picks.

Charming. Trendy. Delightful...three words that describe so many pretty things that are near and dear to my heart, like these designer bridesmaid dresses.  Lucky for us, in the bridal fashion world, history is not repeating itself.  As we move forward with each day, bridesmaid fashion continues to evolve into everything that I’m crazy about.  We can confidently say “adios!” to the out-dated, cookie-cutter, mummified bridesmaid trend that dominated the industry in the past.  This could not be more evident in the Spring 2011 bridesmaid collections.  Darling styles, flirty details, and wear-again fashions are found in the new bridesmaid dresses at Wedding Shoppe Inc.  Designers like Watters and Watters, Jim Hjelm, Jasmine, Enzoani, Allure and Liz Fields have all incorporated innovative creations in their spring collections.  Twelve designer bridal party dresses from these designers immediately caught my eye and found a special place within me to settle.  Immerse yourself into the depths of loveliness with me. See what else is new at the Wedding Shoppe!>>

Traditional with a Twist.

These two bridal party dresses by Allure and Jim Hjelm could not have been done better.  Both designers capitalized on improving the traditional short bridesmaid dress by adding innovative details.  The most delightful thing about Allure Bridesmaid Dress 1234 is the fitted waistline that’s complemented with floral details and a lightly layered neckline.  While neutral and pastel colors are all over the spring 2011 bridesmaid charts, bold colors like dark purples are also on the rise.  Jim Hjelm Bridesmaid Dress JH5100T is a two-toned bridal party dress with wonderful color options.  It is pleasing to see traditional bridesmaid dresses with a touch of fun!

Elegantly Edgy.

Love by Enzoani tugs on our heartstrings with one shoulder bridesmaid dresses like style C8.  Oodles of gorgeous details are incorporated into this one gown that I am crazy for.  What’s my favorite part of this Love by Enzoani bridesmaid dress? I just cannot decide between the ruffled shoulder, bold beaded belt, and eye-catching hues.  Love by Enzoani C8 sets the standard for elegant one shoulder bridesmaid dresses this spring.

Sweet & Sassy.

Nothing screams summer cocktail dress like these two styles by Watters and Watters and Allure.  Both designer bridesmaid dresses are simple and charming and can easily be worn to any special event.  Watters and Watters Bridesmaid Dress 919 is so innocently beautiful.  A chiffon flower and cascading drape from the empire provide a natural flow for an easy-to-wear-and-love gown.  Similarly, Allure Bridesmaid Dress 1239 gives the sassy style a twist with a darker, slimming bodice.  Style 1239 is available in floor length or an above the knee length that is perfect for bridal parties that want to mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses.

New-Aged Sophistication.

Designers like Jim Hjelm Occasions, Watters and Watters, and Jasmine have redefined the typical classic bridesmaid dress.  Bridal parties around the world find it easy to enjoy their exquisite designs of short bridesmaid dresses.  Adding jeweled necklines, cascading layers, and incredible color schemes to the spring 2011 bridesmaid collections, the common designer bridesmaid dresses are easy to love and wear again! Jim Hjelm offers trendy accessories to spice up their classic bridesmaid dresses.  Jim Hjelm Bridesmaid Dress JH5110T is available in different beaded color options that will work with just about ever bridal party color. When designers of bridal party dresses add simple layers and flair to a classic style, adorable creations, like Jasmine Bridesmaid Dress L4014 and Watters and Watters Bridesmaid Dress 8511, are made.

When Simply Chic Meets Grecian Inspired.

Liz Fields’ formula for an absolutely amazing silhouette: An elegant flow with a splash of innovation.  This designer bridesmaid dress serves as an exquisite floor length bridal party dress with a modern twist. Bringing the keyhole neckline into her Spring 2011 collection, Liz Fields astonishes the industry with her bridesmaid style 363.  In comparison with the rest of the one shoulder bridesmaid dresses this season, Liz Fields Bridesmaid Dress 363 is unforgettable.

Fit for Royalty.

My imagination exploded the first time that I saw this Watters and Watters bridesmaid dress.  Classic, elegant, and chic all sum up the essence of this gown.  Watters and Watters successfully created one of the most charming floor length bridesmaid dresses of the season.  With a sweet crumb catcher neckline and flattering bodice, Watters and Watters Bridesmaid Dress 955 is a one-of-a-kind.  What do I adore most about this style? Pockets.

Flirty and Functional.

One of my all time favorite bridesmaid dresses emerged from the Watters and Watters collection this spring.  Watters and Watters Bridesmaid Dress 8510 is a perfect balance between dressed-up and practical.  The high neckline and simple silhouette qualify for a chapel-ready gown while the ruffled top and fashion forward floral belt give it that easy-to-love essence. There’s no doubt that women will re-wear this Watters and Watters bridesmaid dress.  Paired with a stylish blazer for a day at the office or leggings for a night on the town, this gown is fully functional for all occasions.

Fairytale Adoration.

There is truly nothing more enchanting in all of the Spring 2011 bridesmaid collections than this tulle designer bridal party dress by Jim Hjelm Occasions.  My heart longs to see a bridal party dressed in this style.  Jim Hjelm Bridesmaid Dress JH5102T is available in seven neutral color tones that are accented with a bold ribbon and bow at the waist.  Not only does this charming little number make for the perfect bridesmaid dresses, but it’s also nothing short of a fabulous short cocktail dress or special occasion dress. Jim Hjelm Bridesmaid Dress JH5102T is easily one of my most adored bridal party dresses…ever. Have you fallen in love again? While my head remains in bridal fashion heaven, I encourage you to check out more designer bridesmaid dresses online at Wedding Shoppe, Inc.  Wedding Shoppe, Inc. has everything you’ll need when it comes to bridal attire.  From designer wedding dresses to ring bearer tuxedos and everything in between, you’ll be able to do find it all at your “One Stop Wedding Shoppe!” Other Posts You'll Love: Sarah’s Top 12 Spring 2011 Designer Bridesmaid Dresses Brittney's Top 12 Spring 2011 Bridesmaid Dresses How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses that your Bridesmaids will Love (and Wear Again!) Love by Enzoani Special Occasion Dresses and Wedding Shoes for Spring 2011

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