10. Something Blue Bridal Gowns for the Bold Bride

10. Something Blue Bridal Gowns for the Bold Bride
For the really daring bride looking for a truly unique wedding dress with traditional significance, a blue wedding dress may be the perfect choice. There is no rule that says you must have a pure white wedding dress, and in fact most brides nowadays wear ivory. Consider a blue wedding dress to add color to your special day! colorful ball gowns

Shop colorful ball gowns for that ‘Cinderella’ look.

Have you dreamed your whole life about that special day where you can choose to become a fairytale princess? If you think back on the stories and movies that influenced your childhood, you’ll recall that princesses prefer colorful ball gowns to white dresses. Live your fantasy to the last detail by doing the same. Shop colorful ball gowns for that perfect shade that reveals your inner princess, whether it’s blue like Cinderella or something else.

Match your groom in a navy blue wedding dress.

How sharp would your photos look if you actually matched your groom? Consider having the two of you in navy, and your bridesmaids and groomsmen in a more neutral color, instead of the traditional color scheme. The two of you would immediately become the focus of all photographs, not to mention the event. Another unique option is for you and your bridesmaids to be navy and your groom and groomsmen to be a lighter color (white or grey). You could be a trendsetter!
something blue bridal gown blue wedding dress

Something blue bridal gowns are perfect for unconventional brides.

If you want your wedding to be unlike any other, a something blue bridal gown might be just the detail to set you apart. Your guests will never forget how stunning you looked in your favorite shade of blue. Don’t feel limited to dresses that are available in blue—you can have your dream gown dyed the perfect color by a professional.

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May 16, 2019 07:26

I’m searching for a dark blue wedding gown and a headband with the same color. This combination will best for my fiancée because her wedding venue is also decorated with the purple and blue color flowers.

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