Six Tips for Having a Personalized Wedding

Six Tips for Having a Personalized Wedding
Every bride wants their wedding to be one-of-a-kind, just like their love story. Here’s the catch: Going on Pinterest and doing every DIY project (Mason jars everywhere...) is not going to accomplish this goal. The key to finding unique wedding ideas is to make them personal. Repeat after me: "A unique wedding is a personalized wedding." Make sure the relationship that you and your fiancé share is the center of your wedding planning. Think about your hobbies, dreams, and history together, then include these special details into the little details of your wedding. Once you’ve accomplished this, you can go crazy on Pinterest. Need some assistance? Check out this wedding planning infographic and the six ways we suggest you personalize your big day.

How to Personalize Your Wedding

Six Unique, Personalized Wedding Ideas:

1. Incorporate your heritage.

Whatever your heritage, combining each other’s cultural elements into the wedding plans is always a great idea. Create a menu that celebrates your families’ favorite dishes. Choose décor that reflects your heritage. The wedding ceremony is a special place for unique wedding ideas, so discuss ways to incorporate cultural elements you’ll both cherish.

2. Create a wedding website.

What easier way to tell the world about your relationship than with social media? Create a wedding website or blog that not only tells guests about the details of your wedding, but of your love story! Share photos, favorites, and funny stories. There are plenty of free ways to create a wedding website. Check out 7 ways you can use social media when wedding planning for more ideas.

3. Keep everyone cool.

Now this may not be a reflection of your relationship, but it is a very unique wedding idea. Your guests will be able to better enjoy your summer ceremony and personal wedding vows if they’re staying cool! Create fans for your bridesmaids and guests. If you design them yourself, you can add a quote or 'thank you' and give them away as wedding favors!

4. Design a stamp.

Okay, okay... it sounds a bit dull! But just think how much cooler your invites would be if you created a stamp with a photo of you and your fiancé? Go to and start designing.

5. Create a time capsule.

Place cherished items in a time capsule you can open on an anniversary. Save your personal wedding vows, letters from your parents, or anything else you may want to see in 25 years. You could even turn it into a guest book!

6. Wedding favors that reflect your hobbies.

DIY wedding favors will be even more unique if they reflect your interests! Golf balls with your wedding date on them, a s’mores kit if you love camping together, or homemade cookies if you rock at baking. Your guests will enjoy taking home a piece of your relationship after such a momentous occasion.

My favorite way to ensure a personalized wedding?

I love personal wedding vows—I cry every time! We all love a good party, but your wedding is about a promise. Writing your own vows and saying them in front of those dearest to you will make your wedding memorable (and definitely a tearjerker!).

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