Should I Give Short Wedding Dresses a Try?

The short answer is yes! Short wedding dresses and tea length wedding dresses are making a huge wedding fashion comeback thanks to all the vintage flair making its way into wedding décor. Not only are shorter dresses more financially obtainable, but they are also classy and quirky in the best of ways. Read ahead for details!

Short wedding dresses by Da Vinci

Short wedding dresses can be just as show-stopping as full length.

There are some stunning shorter length wedding dresses on the market today. They range from fun and flirty to classy and sophisticated. Da Vinci wedding dresses style 8443 is fun and sophisticated. I am in love with tea length wedding dresses for one reason: shoes! Think about the dream pair of high heels that you have never let yourself purchase, or maybe even those classic black rocker sneakers you wish you could wear on your big day. With tea length wedding dresses, your shoes are able to stand out and add a little “kick” to your wedding look. Shop all of our stunning wedding gown styles!>>

Da Vinci wedding dresses: finding the fun in bridal gowns!

If you love ruffles, sweetheart necklines, and a corset back, then Da Vinci bridal gown 50138 is where you should start your search. Some short bridal gowns can be too serious, but this dress is the perfect informal wedding dress. The ruffled flower accent can be kept or removed depending on your preference.

Short wedding dresses for fun and flirting! Short and Sassy wedding dresses by Da Vinci

Da Vinci wedding dresses are a great place to start looking for short bridal gowns.

You can have a lot of wedding dresses shortened, but sometimes they don’t look quite right. Start your search for short bridal gowns with Da Vinci bridal gowns for a great-fitting and high quality wedding dress!

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