Bare (Some) Arms in Short Sleeve Bridesmaid Dresses by Alfred Sung

Bare (Some) Arms in Short Sleeve Bridesmaid Dresses by Alfred Sung
If you’ve stopped by My Wedding Chat before, you know that it’s no secret we love Alfred Sung dresses. From unique to vintage inspired, Alfred Sung dresses exude all the charm and timeless style that gets our hearts beating fast. What is our favorite style for spring 2013? Short sleeve bridesmaid dresses!

Short sleeve options for bridesmaid dress by Alfred Sung

Let’s find some short sleeve options for bridesmaid dress styles.

Whenever I think of short sleeve formal dresses, I immediately think of 80s inspired poufy sleeves and spiral perms. Thank goodness for short sleeve bridesmaid dresses by Alfred Sung. Not only are short sleeve options for bridesmaid dress styles great for comfort, but they also allow your ‘maids to wear normal undergarments. There is nothing worse than wrestling with your strapless dress as a bridesmaid. Give your girls the gift of comfort for your spring or summer wedding by choosing short sleeve formal dresses. Shop all of our fabulous bridesmaid styles to give your girls the perfect look!>>

No two short sleeve formal dresses are the same.

If you’re searching for short sleeve options for bridesmaid dress styles on, you’ll find a ton of different sleeve styles. From cap sleeve to boat neck with sleeves to longer modest sleeves, Alfred Sung dresses come in a number of flattering styles. Short sleeve formal dresses can be really elegant, and flatter almost any body type. Plus, if your wedding is in mid to late summer, the sleeves will hide tan lines perfectly! I know that seems vain, but I was the girl with the horrible, sunburned tan lines once and I still feel bad about it…
Short Sleeve Options for Bridesmaid dress by Alfred Sung Short Sleeve Options for bridesmaid Dress by Alfred Sung

Alfred Sung dresses are stunning even without sleeves.

Maybe you’re not ready to take the plunge into dresses with sleeves for your ‘maids. That’s ok. Alfred Sung is still a great designer to start with. The dresses are flattering, well constructed, and come in a wide array of colors. If you’re on the hunt for vintage inspired dresses or even just timeless A-line dresses, you’ll want to check out the Alfred Sung line. They are some of our top sellers for a reason. You’ll love how they make your ‘maids look and they’ll love how comfortable and classy they feel.

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