Homecoming Dresses: How Do You Choose Between Short, Fun, or Elegant?

Whenever you’re searching for homecoming dresses you have to make some big decisions. Do you choose to try on short homecoming dresses, fun homecoming dresses, or elegant homecoming dresses? Why not find a dress that combines all three? Today on My Wedding Chat we’re doing just that, plus we’re sticking with the sweet and sassy lace overlay trend.

short homecoming dresses

Short homecoming dresses: Let’s have some fun!

I never went to homecoming (actually, none of us here in Marketing did, but Brittney went to five proms. FIVE!). However, I’ve definitely thought about what kind of homecoming dresses I might have chosen. Homecoming is the perfect time to wear something fun and sassy, and mostly likely from the short homecoming dresses category. The Allure cocktail dress A461 definitely fits the bill! It’s one of our favorite fun homecoming dresses because of its sparkly animal print under soft and flouncy black tulle. The dress doesn’t need many accessories either. Bonus! Check out all of our looks to find your perfect homecoming look!>>

Short and elegant homecoming dresses? Yes please!

Is it possible to find short and elegant homecoming dresses? Of course! Flirt and Allure have several head-turning styles that will make you look mature, refined, and put together. Flirt homecoming dresses feature fun ruching and elegant lace overlays, and are just the right length for short homecoming dresses. It would also be great to wear again! If you’re searching for elegant homecoming dresses that aren’t so form fitting Allure is the designer to check out.
short homecoming dresses short homecoming dresses
Out of all of the Allure homecoming dresses, this ombre number is by far our favorite! You’ll be on-trend and show-stopping in the black and white or black and turquoise combination. Plus, the twirly skirt will make spinning up a storm on the dance floor even more fun. These short, fun, and elegant dresses are just a jumping off point for you. Check out all of our homecoming dresses online at www.weddingshoppeinc.com or stop by our store in St. Paul and see if you can find the perfect homecoming dress of your dreams!

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