Setting the Date

Featured Bride, Kai K. Wedding Location: St. Paul, MN | Wedding Date: April 2, 2011 The big question. No, I’m not talking about that big question, the one that started this whole wedding in the first place but the OTHER big question, the one that everyone will be asking you in the months after the proposal. “Have you set a date yet???” From coworkers to long lost family members, wondering on what day the BIG day will occur will be at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Setting the date.

So, what’s a bride to do? The date can mean a lot of different things. It can purposely be symbolic but usually it’s chosen so that your event occurs within a certain season. Summer, as always, being the most popular. However, summer weddings come with a price. Besides the hot, windy, or rainy weather that can ruin outdoor festivities, the summer season brings in the high prices as dictated by the wedding industry. Weather will always remain unpredictable, but prices won’t.  My advice? Choose a wedding date that is just outside of wedding season, such as spring or fall. You can hope that the weather will be fairly similar to the summer season without falling into typical “wedding season”.

1. Off season discounts.

Making this choice has several benefits. First, vendors usually charge less for off-season services. This can affect anything from your caterer to your photographer to even your venue. Usually these price differences are spelled out in listing of services but if not, don’t be afraid to ask! The benefit can be extreme when totaling expenses.

2. Less competition.

Second, you will encounter less competition. The first benefit of this is that you are most likely to get your first choice of venue or vendors without butting heads with other brides-to-be. You would be surprised how booked things can be during the typical wedding season! The second benefit of less competition is once again price. Because vendors are less likely to have other brides request off season dates they will try to book you quickly and possibly throw in other incentives. For example, a caterer may throw in a higher option dish for the lower option service plan that you’ve chosen. More food for less price always makes guests happy!

Most important advice:

Moral of the blog? Setting a wedding date early and with a lot of thought can save you both hassle AND money, not to mention the annoyance of everyone wanting to know when you’re actually tying the knot! Try sending out cute online save the dates to avoid the annoying questions. My pick? You get free use when you and your fiancé register at Target! Follow Kai and her wedding journey here on My Wedding Chat.  Other Posts You’ll Love: Introducing Featured Bride Kai K. Wedding Planning Update Top 5 Ways to Save Early on in Wedding Planning Featured Bride: Nikki S: Timing is Everything

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