Sarah's Teenage Dream Collection of Designer Prom Dresses

Sarah's Teenage Dream Collection of Designer Prom Dresses.

If you don’t already know, I created my 2011 Prom Campaign around the term “Teenage Dream” inspired by both the Katy Perry Teenage Dream song and every collection of 2011 designer prom gowns put out this year.  When the designer prom dresses started to trickle in and I needed to begin my Grand Prom Campaign, there was one thing on my mind…living the Teenage Dream on High School Prom Night. Every prom girl dreams of having the perfect high school prom night with the best designer prom gown they can find.  Each and every 2011 collection of designer prom gowns seem to embody that vision – collectively they are dreamy, romantic, sweet, edgy, fairytale, glamorous, and the list goes on. We've got the perfect prom dress for you!>>

Top 15 Favorite Designer Prom Dresses.

Now on to my Teenage Dream Collection of designer prom dresses.  These designer prom gowns was selected because each one reminded me of the words I mentioned before: dreamy, romantic, sweet, edgy, fairytale, glamorous, and also unique!  These stood out as some of the most unique prom dresses.  Here at Grand Prom, we also were given the opportunity to create "teenage dreams" for a few prom girls, so I was able to see some designer prom dresses tried on--which inspired me to add them to this collection.  Below is my list of the top 15 designer prom gowns.

15. Evenings by Allure Prom Dress A421

It was hard to select just a few proms gowns from the Evenings by Allure Prom Dresses Division, but I chose this long black prom dress, Allure Prom Dress A421, because of the romance.  This one shoulder prom dress is glamorous and elegant with the beaded strap and sparkle appliqué.  This designer prom dress is subtly flirtatious with the asymmetrical front and back necklines.  With your hair pulled up in this long black prom dress, he won’t be able to keep his eyes of you! View the entire Evenings by Allure Prom Dresses Collection or Allure Prom Dress A421 online at Grand Prom.

14. Night Moves Prom Dress 6223

Unique red prom dresses can be hard to find, but I chose this red prom dress, Night Moves Prom Dress 6233, for the different styling techniques used, beginning with the jersey knit fabric.  The jersey knit flows so elegantly with a ruched bodice and pleated skirt, flawlessly creating the best shaping for this slender mermaid-cut red prom dress.  For the glam factor, the sweetheart neckline and back line are donned with crystals and beads completing this jaw-dropping red prom dress. Looking for unique red prom dresses? You have found the one with Night Moves Prom Dress 6233. Shop all Night Moves Prom Dresses.

13. Sherri Hill Prom Dress 2424

Sherri Hill dresses are the hottest designer prom gowns you can find, especially the Sherri Hill short prom dresses. This short prom dress screams, "Girls just wanna have fun!" A prom girl wearing this number is the girl in the middle of the dance floor throwing her own party!  I can see lots of dancing in these short baby blue prom dresses on high school prom night. If you're looking to up the "sass" factor, short prom dresses are the way to go. View all Sherri Hill Prom Dresses, Sherri Hill Short Prom Dresses, & Sherri Hill Prom Dress 2424.

12. Jovani Prom Dress 71646

Another tough collection to choose just one or two dresses from is Jovani prom dresses--there are just so many glamorous and fabulous designer prom gowns. I chose Jovani yellow prom dress 71646 because of the Grecian style and the color--I love a beautiful bright yellow prom dress.  The soft features with the rosettes on the bodice and layered draping on the skirt combine for the perfect look on this Jovani yellow prom dress.  This Grecian style prom dress is flawless in its simplicity, which is what I love about this bright yellow prom dress. Get Grecian Style Prom Dress, Jovani Prom Dress 71646 or shop all Jovani Prom Dresses at Grand Prom.

11. Blush Prom Dress 9243

This royal blue prom dress from the Blush Prom Dresses Collection stood out to me because it reminds me of the dress Sophia Vergara of Modern Family wore to the 2011 SAG Awards. Royal blue prom dresses are always stunning, but this particular royal blue prom dress really steps it up with that extra Hollywood glam factor. With the intricate ruching, plunging v-neck halter, mid-thigh slit, and beaded accents, this royal blue prom dress is positively stunning. Royal Blue Prom Dresses as though they are right off the Red Carpet – get Blush Prom Dress 9243 or shop all Blush Prom Dresses.

10. Tony Bowls Paris Prom Dress 111760

I love Tony Bowls Dresses, but this one of the bunch may be the designer prom gown that makes some prom girls think, “What is she doing adding this one?”  I love unique prom dresses (Tony Bowls Dresses push the edginess more than most), and even though this isn’t exactly a beaded mermaid prom dress (it’s an A-line silhouette), it brings out my childhood love for the movie The Little Mermaid.  The styling of this Tony Bowls Paris Prom Dress 111760 is just too fun for words. The sculpted bodice with the tiered skirt made of blue-green ombre tulle are perfection. Yes, it’s a beaded A-line prom dress, not a beaded mermaid prom dress, but it is definitely a mermaid prom dress! View Tony Bowls Paris Prom Dress 111760 or all Tony Bowls Paris Prom Dresses online at Grand Prom.

9. Paparazzi by Mori Lee Prom Dress 8708

I've always been a fan of Paparazzi Prom Dresses by Mori Lee; designer Madeline Gardner does a fantastic job of creating trendsetting prom dresses, traditional prom dresses, and dresses with a combination of both elements. Mori Lee Prom Dress 8708 is a great example of that combination – everything looks traditional until you reach the fun high low skirt and polka dot underlining. High low prom dresses are so hot this year, and for good reason! I was always a tad drawn to this designer prom dress from the Paparazzi Prom Dresses by Mori Lee Collection, but didn’t officially love it until I saw it on a prom girl (pictures below). Madeline Gardner was here visiting when this lucky girl picked out her Mori Lee Prom Dress 8708 – both Madeline and she were thrilled at the perfect timing.  These high low prom dresses look amazing! Shop Paparazzi by Mori Lee Prom Dresses or Paparazzi by Mori Lee Prom Dress 8708 online at Grand Prom.

8. Studio 17 Prom Dress 12229

There are lots of zebra prom gowns out there, and it can be hard to find a good one. But Studio 17 Prom 12229 from the Studio 17 Prom Dresses Collection is a clear winner.  This zebra print prom dress was a shock to me and our Prom Girl of the Year Runner-Up Rayna (pictured below). You wouldn’t think much of this zebra and purple prom dress while it’s on the hanger, but once on – it’s a knockout!  We don't doubt that Ranya will totally rock this very unique zebra and purple prom dress on her prom night! Get zebra prom gowns at Grand Prom with Studio 17 Prom Dress 12229 or view all Studio 17 Prom Dresses.

7. Jovani Prom Dress 17438

Sparkle prom gowns are always a great way to stand out and make a statement. Jovani Prom Dresses making another appearance on the list with this long sequin prom dress, Jovani Prom Dress 17438. The godet pleating in the mermaid prom dress skirt give this dress a nice balance instead of the over-the-top feel some sequin prom dresses can have. The winner of our Rock The Red Carpet Contest, Amanda, brought this long sequin prom dress to my attention, and it's the best of the sequin prom dresses I have found. Sparkle prom gowns are so exciting! Get Jovani Prom Dress 17438 or view all Jovani Prom Dresses.

6. Tony Bowls Paris Prom Dress 111706

Purple prom dresses have been very popular the last few years. This purple prom dress from Tony Bowls Dresses is so vibrant and lively because of the color, mermaid shape, and layered tiers all the way down.  This Tony Bowls Paris Prom Dress 111706 is the best purple prom dress around! Any girl would love to flaunt her curves in this mermaid prom dress. Purple Prom Dresses are so energetic--get your perfect purple prom dress with Tony Bowls Paris Prom Dress 111706 or shop other Tony Bowls Paris Prom Dresses.

5. Sherri Hill Prom Dress 2405

I still have a major soft spot for princess prom dresses; there is nothing like having a Teenage Dream prom night with a fairytale ball gown prom dress. Sherri Hill Prom Dress 2405 is every bit a perfect princess prom dress.  The sweetheart neckline, delicately ruched bodice, intricate beading on the bodice and into the full ball gown prom dress skirt create a stunning princess prom dress. If you're a prom girl looking for princess prom dresses, try this one out. A friend of our Prom Girl of the Year, Erin, tried this ball gown prom dress on and looked phenomenal in it. Be the princess at the ball with prom ball gown dresses including Sherri Hill Prom Dress 2405, other Sherri Hill Ball Gown Prom Dresses, or all our Ball Gown Prom Dresses.

4. Evenings by Allure Prom Dress A453

Turquoise blue prom dresses are beautiful and vibrant, and with this turquoise ombre one shoulder prom dress by Allure, you get more than just that. This full Grecian draped prom dress is designed with stunning rows of interwoven ruched chiffon, and beadwork patterns on the bodice and hips. It's completed with subtle draping of the fit and flare skirt. The shape of this beautiful Grecian draped prom dress is perfect, allowing you to flaunt those beautiful curves! I think this is such a show-stopping, jaw-dropping, unique prom dress. Stand out at prom with turquoise blue prom dresses: try Evenings by Allure Prom Dress A453.  Shop other Evenings by Allure Prom Dresses today!

3. Maggie Sottero Flirt Prom Dress P4558

Did I mention I love princess prom dresses? Some of the best ones are from the Flirt Prom Dresses Collection.  Here is another lovely fairytale princess prom dress but with a modern twist.  Along with the usual traditional full tulle skirt and beaded bodice, there is a flirty keyhole in the front with a halter neckline trailing into a fun open back feature. That’s what I love about this dress – it’s not just your typical ball gown prom dress, it’s a flirtatious, contemporary princess prom dress. Check out Erin, our Prom Girl of the Year Winner, trying on Flirt Prom Dress P4558. She looks fabulous! Fall in love with Flirt Prom Dresses, Flirt Prom Ball Gown Dresses, or Flirt Prom Dress P4558 at Grand Prom.

2. Shimmer by Bari Jay Prom Dress 59225

Shimmer by Bari Jay Prom Dresses is one of the most trendsetting collections each year.  I had a hard time picking just one or two from the Shimmer by Bari Jay Prom Dresses, but this Shimmer by Bari Jay Prom Dress 59225 was a definite winner. This Grecian style prom dress stuns with its softness and simple features.  I don’t even know what my favorite part is! It's so hard to choose between the beautifully beaded waist band, the deep v-neck, flirty open back, and the glitter underlay.  Overall, this dress is just amazing! Be a Greek Goddess in Shimmer Prom Dress 59225 or shop other Shimmer Prom Dresses at Grand Prom.

1. Maggie Sottero Flirt Prom Dress P1554

Add black lace with a pink underlay, a voluminous princess tulle skirt, plus a drop waistline, and what do you get? My favorite prom dress, Flirt Prom Dress P1554.  From the moment I saw it, I knew I loved this unique prom dress more than any of the others. With the lace covered, drop-waist bodice, you have the perfect combination for a flirty black lace prom dress. Lace is classic and funm and the fit and flare shape perfects this black lace prom dress.  Even Taylor Spreitler of Melissa & Joey chose Flirt Prom Dress P1154 as her favorite designer prom gown of the year in Teen Prom Magazine (see below). No pun intended but Flirt created the ideal "flirty" Prom Dress! Flirt away in Flirt Prom Dress P1554 or try other Flirt Prom Dresses at Grand Prom. There you have my Teenage Dream Collection of designer and unique prom dresses, inspired by many amazing designers, Hollywood, and my own style. Let me know what you love, didn’t love, and wish you would have seen on this list. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say! ~Sarah H. Other Posts You'll Love: Making Dreams Come True at Grand Prom Our Teenage Dream Prom Theme & Ideas for Prom Themes for Your Senior Prom Night Stylish and Trendy Exotic Prom Dresses
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May 16, 2019 06:47

Dress number 7 is so beautiful. The girl in the picture looks just like my Pooka’s girlfriend. I will show her the picture and see if that is a prom dress she would like or just have her look through the ideas!
Great photos to give girls ideas!

Sarah Huinker
May 16, 2019 06:47

THANKS, CATHY :) Isn’t that dress SO MUCH FUN? I love it! Pooka’s girlfriend would look so cute in that. Let me know if she comes in at all! I met her a few weeks ago, she is a sweetheart! Can’t wait to see their Prom Pictures. Hope to see you soon, have a good day!

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