The Russell Brand and Katy Perry Wedding: Possible Dress Styles

Since we have finally passed a few of the most anticipated celebrity weddings including Chelsea Clinton, Carrie Underwood and Megan Fox,we are going to turn the focus over to the Russell Brand and Katy Perry wedding. My Wedding Chat is here to not only fill you in on celebrity weddings but to bring you the best suggestions for celebrity wedding ideas so you can create a glamorous wedding for yourself.  Today, I am going to bring you celebrity wedding ideas from the much talked about Katy Perry and Russell Brand Wedding.

The Russel Brand and Katy Perry Wedding.

Katy Perry is one of today’s most popular singers.  The Katy Perry "California Gurls" song is proof she is able to create a hit song with mass appeal.  Comedian actor Russell Brand made his first big mark in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and is on his way to becoming a top comedian of his generation.  They have shared a few details in interviews about their wedding, including Katy referring to her fiancé as a bit of a “bridezilla."  There was even a joke from the funny man Brand, claiming the wedding will be “clothing optional."  Additionally, Russell is friends with rocker Morrissey, who is going to sing at the wedding reception.  But the one thing we really want to know is a major detail being kept in the dark: what is Katy Perry’s wedding dress going to look like? See our latest dresses and guess for yourself!>> Let’s hope it’s not the Katy Perry California Gurls outfit – daisy dukes with bikinis on top.  Or even worse, the Katy Perry California Gurls video style – nude, just like her fiancé joked about.  All jokes aside, I feel like Katy Perry’s wedding dress could go one of two ways – sassy or sweet.  I have chosen a few designer wedding dresses in these categories to give you an idea of what the Katy Perry wedding dress style will look like, and I even included a few second wedding dresses in case Katy decides to change for the wedding reception like both Chelsea Clinton and Carrie Underwood.

Sassy Side:

Katy Perry tends to be one of the most fashion-forward of celebrities, and I would guess the Katy Perry wedding dress is going to be more on the “sassy” side.  Here are a view ways she could end up going for a chic and fashionable look: Option 1: Couture-inspired, modern, regal and sassy are all words that describe this Jasmine Bridal Gown F362.  The organza fabric is beautifully layered and cascades down the skirt, forming intricate billowing around the hem. For a little extra glamour there is a beaded waistband and a detachable one-shoulder strap that mimics the gathered skirt. I think the mermaid silhouette will really accentuate Katy Perry’s figure but also give her a very fashion-forward look.  Organza fabric is soft and delicate, which would allow Katy to look stylish and unique but not in an “in-your-face” kind of way.  If this was Katy Perry’s wedding dress, I can see her using the one-shoulder strap to up the glam factor. Option 2: I think this Bonny Bridal Gown 8008 is an amazing combination of both classic and trendy.  The lace, drop-waist bodice is so stunning with its hand-beaded details. The bodice also gives such a perfect fit to flaunt the curves.  The best part of Bonny bridal gown 8008 is the “wow-factor” in the dramatic skirt.  Bonny was able to finish off this bridal dress in a fun, classy way. Thank you, Bonny Bridal, for creating this unique and glamorous wedding gown for the classic, couture-inspired bride.  I see Katy Perry in this bridal dress because the combination of the dazzling hand-beaded lace and the fun voluminous skirt all say pop-princess.  The Bonny bridal gown 8008 makes a statement and Katy Perry loves to do just that! Option 3: I don’t know what it is about this next bridal dress but I am really drawn to it.  Anais Collezioni Bridal Gown AN102 is rich and luxurious with delicate ruffled fabric throughout the bridal gown. The right side of the bodice features intricate beading to intensify the drama of the wedding gown.  Katy Perry could end up wearing something very similar to this because it’s trendy, with the textured style and beading, but unique from all the other textured dresses.  Anais Collezioni Bridal Gown AN102 stands out among the rest, and we can expect nothing less from Katy Perry's wedding dress.

Sweet Side:

If Katy were to go more sweet and traditional with her wedding gown, here are some designer wedding dresses similar to what she may wear… Option 1: The Jasmine Bridal Gown F377 is soft and subtle with a unique twist. This ball gown dress is made of tulle layers trimmed with taffeta fabric and with a ruched bodice completed with a sweetheart neckline. This delicate bridal gown also has a whimsical flower on the waistline and a flirty lower back scoop.  A style like this would give Katy the princess look while staying unique and fresh.  Jasmine bridal gown F377 would help Katy strike a balance between her sweet and sassy sides. Option 2: I am not usually the pick-up skirt type of gal, so if I am attracted to a pick-up bridal dress then the designer must have done something right.  Anais Collezioni must have done something right with Anais Collezioni Wedding Dress AN108 because I love it!  This gown has a lot of pick-ups and is very voluminous, but the way Anais Collezioni AN108 is designed, everything flows perfectly.   The pick-ups become a part of the gown instead of being a distraction, and the sneak peek tulle piece added in the middle adds a little something extra to the skirt.  Other additions to this chic ball gown are carefully-placed floral details on the bodice.  Anais Collezioni wedding dress AN108 effortlessly blends traditional with contemporary, which is why it would be the perfect wedding gown for Katy Perry. Option 3: I am crazy in love with Tara Keely Wedding Dress TK2059.  Out of all the three sweet dresses, this is the most traditional but, like the others, there are a few features making it stand out among the rest. The tulle in this ball gown is sherbert crinkle tulle, giving the wedding dress a bit more dimension, and the bodice is made of Alencon lace.  The sherbert crinkle tulle and Alencon lace pair up beautifully with one another.  Tara Keely Bridal Gown TK2059 is completed with an eloquent blush satin ribbon which wraps around to the back into a bow for the perfect accent.  Tara Keely wedding dress TK2059 could also be close to the Katy Perry wedding dress because of the subtle details that make it a one-of-a-kind ball gown.

Second Wedding Dresses:

A lot of celebrity weddings these days include second, more comfortable bridal gowns for the reception.  The second wedding dresses tend to serve as a way for the bride to eat without a tight dress on and dance the night away at her wedding reception. Here are a few celebrity wedding ideas I came up with for second bridal gowns similar to what Katy could wear, if she has one: Option 1: Impressions Bridal Gown 6958 is flirty and fun, with a bubble hem and a beaded waist band.  Katy Perry would have a blast walking around her celebration in a sassy little dress similar to this. Option 2: Moonlight Bridal Gown T400 is the trendiest informal wedding dress of this section.  The textured detailing is very of-the-moment.  On top of it being so stylish, this bridal dress is very flirtatious, which is perfect for Katy Perry. Option 3: Tara Keely Bridal Gown TK2960 is the most subdued of the second wedding dresses.  This bridal dress is very sweet and dainty – I think of a ballerina when I look at this dress.  The illusion neckline and subtle but intricate beading are so well made,  and the ankle length just looks so cute.  I think Katy would be adorable at her reception in this darling little dress. Whether sassy or sweet, the wedding dress for the Katy Perry and Russell Brand wedding will be chic, stunning, and stylish.  Katy Perry, we can’t wait to see the dress, and we're sure you won't disappoint! Check back to My Wedding Chat by Wedding Shoppe Inc. for professionals giving you the best current wedding trends, celebrity wedding ideas, and much more.  Wedding Shoppe Inc. strives to make sure we can dress every bride and their wedding party at great affordable prices, shop now at Wedding Shoppe Inc.

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