Always a Bridesmaid? Revive Your Used Bridesmaid Dresses!

Always a Bridesmaid? Revive Your Used Bridesmaid Dresses!
You may have noticed that we started a new series on how to reuse, re-wear, and recycle your wedding items. First, we suggested ten ways to reuse your prom dresses. Last week, we encouraged wedding gown preservation so that you can pass on your gorgeous gown to a loved one someday. This week, we’re going to show you how your used bridesmaid dresses can become staples in your wardrobe or treasures to cherish after the wedding!

used bridesmaid dresses

Give your bridesmaid gown a whole new look!

A Snip Here and a Stitch There: Transform your used bridesmaid dresses!

Feel like you’re always a bridesmaid? You’ll appreciate your popularity when you realize those used bridesmaid dresses can turn your wardrobe into fashion paradise. Take your bridesmaid gowns to a seamstress, or consider trying these alterations yourself:
  • Hem a long dress into a cocktail look perfect for date night
  • Dye it a shade that suits your personal style
  • Cropped jackets, statement jewelry, and gorgeous heels will transform your old bridesmaid gowns into brand new looks

Get crafty and create something new from your bridesmaid gowns.

While it may sound harsh, sometimes your bridesmaid gowns have no place in your closet after the wedding. Stretch the investment you made in each dress by using the gorgeous fabrics for items you can use again and again. Lamp shades, table cloths, pillow covers- DIY sewing projects are easy to find online, and you already have the fabric to start. If you’re always a bridesmaid, you probably have quite a few used bridesmaid dresses in a variety of colors. Bring all the memories together and create a quilt!

always a bridesmaid

Gather everyone's dresses and create a quilt for the bride!

Always a bridesmaid means endless opportunities.

If these ideas sound like a lot of work to revive your bridesmaid gowns, an easy fall-back is Halloween. We all feel the pressure come October, and turning your used bridesmaid dresses into cute Halloween looks could be the perfect transformation. Gather all of your friends and go as a zombie bridal party! You can also hem one of your fancier dresses and let a little one go as a beautiful princess. The options are endless! Just remember, if you’re always a bridesmaid, there is always a way to re-wear, reuse, or recycle that pile of chiffon and silk. bridesmaid gowns

Gather up the bridal party for a group Halloween costume!

How have you revamped your used bridesmaid dresses? Let us know in a comment below!

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May 16, 2019 07:27

Awesome ideas!!

May 16, 2019 07:27

I love the quilt idea! It would be so bright and colorful. Great thinking.

May 16, 2019 07:27

My mom had a few old bridesmaid dresses that I loved to play dress up with when I was younger! In middle school I even wore one for an 80’s themed Halloween dance. I was so glad she kept them :)

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