Tips on Renewing Your Wedding Vows

When, why, and how: Tips on renewing your wedding vows.

One of the great things about renewing your wedding vows is the freedom that you have to make the ceremony special and unique for you and your spouse – and perhaps for your family. If you had a small wedding before, you might want to use this opportunity to have a larger one; if wedding planning stressed you out the first time, you might want a quiet, intimate ceremony this time around. The ceremony can be as formal or as informal as you’d like; you can write your own vows or repeat the ones you said on the day you first wed; and there are no legalities that you need to follow. This ceremony is purely about love. Here are some things to think about when renewing your wedding vows:

When— and why – should we be renewing vows?

Some people choose to commemorate a special anniversary, perhaps the 25th or 50th, while other couples renew vows after overcoming tough challenges, whether that means a serious illness, financial troubles or something else entirely. Still others choose to renew vows simply because the time feels right. If you plan to invite people outside of your immediate family, it’s best not to hold these types of ceremonies too often or too soon after you first wed.

How should the ceremony take place?

It’s common for people to ask a spiritual leader to conduct the actual ceremony, although that isn’t necessary.  Locations range from churches and temples to homes to parks to once-in-a-lifetime vacation spots. You and your spouse may be the only ones in attendance – or you could use this as an occasion to also celebrate the love you have for your friends and family by inviting them to the event and to a party afterwards. You may choose to recreate your first wedding or you may decide to celebrate your life today, playing contemporary music and creating brand new vows. It's important to note that churches and temples may have restrictions on the type of music played and other details. If people want to buy you a gift for renewing vows – and if you invite friends and family, this issue is likely to arise – suggest that they donate money to your favorite charity.

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